Black Diamond

Black Diamond

Babsi Zangerl And Jacopo Ignore The Bolts On 'Gondo Crack' (8c) (c) EpicTV

Babsi Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher have a pretty good lifestyle. Travelling the world to climb the hardest routes they can find. Gondo crack is a 17-meter finger crack in Switzerland, usually climbed using bolts as protection.

BD Athlete Hazel Findlay on 'Tainted Love' (5.13d) (c) Black Diamond Equipment

BD Athlete Hazel Findlay is known for her rad trad ability, whether she’s freeing El Cap or climbing crumbly sea-cliffs with sparse protection. When she arrived in Squamish last summer, a friend and fellow Brit knew just the route she should try.

Climbing The Shaft: Nate Murphy Gets Schooled On Big Walls And Massive Exposure (c) EpicTV

In the summer of 2017, Nate Murphy made his way to Yosemite to attempt what would be his toughest big wall challenge to date, to climb the 13 pitches of the Shaft Variation on the Muir Wall, 5.13c/8a+.

Patxi Usobiaga on "Pachamama" (9a+/b) (c) PucSeriestraining

Patxi Usobiaga takes us through the process of what it was like to climb a route he had attempted 8 years ago in Oliana, Spain when he felt he was at his peak. That was before his life changed and climbing took a backseat.

Chasin' the Rubbish 2018 in Fontainebleau (c) Black Diamond

Am Osterwochenende organisiert Black Diamond bereits zum siebten Mal die "Chasin-the-Rubbish" Aufräumaktion im französischen Bouldergebiet Fontainebleau. Vom 30. März bis 2. April werden Athleten und Mitarbeiter von Black Diamond dort nicht nur Müll einsammeln, sonder auch versuchen, andere Kletterer für einen verantwortlichen Umgang mit der einzigartigen aber fragilen Natur von Fontainebleau zu sensibilisieren.

Seb Bouin (c) Black Diamond Equipment

When choosing a project far from home, Seb Bouin realizes the challenges associated with distance: Not only when it comes to the difficulty of the route, but also in terms of motivation, focus and personal growth. But Move 9b/9b+ in Flatanger, Norway, was the perfect challenge and he couldn’t resist. Now Seb’s fully committed, and on to what he calls the "logical next step" of his progression.

Kletterschuhe von Black Diamond (c) Chris Parker, Black Diamond

Fünf Jahre. So lange hat die Entwicklung unserer einzigartigen Kletterschuhe hier bei Black Diamond gedauert. Am Anfang war es ein gut gehütetes Geheimnis. Noch nicht einmal die Chefs wussten Bescheid.

Nalle Hukkataival on 'The Finnish Line' (V16) (c) Black Diamond Equipment

"A gem rarer than diamonds." That's how BD Athlete Nalle Hukkataival describes The Finnish Line (V16). Sitting untouched for years within a mecca for bouldering, Nalle's latest testpiece has it all-aesthetics, difficulty and a beautiful setting. Plus, it's now a contender for Rocklands' hardest boulder problem.

BD Athlete Carlo Traversi Takes On The Triple 14 Challenge (c) Black Diamond Equipment

The perspective of difficulty is forever changing. With new ascents, new feats of strengths and new discoveries constantly raising the bar, a climber’s perception of what’s possible is always shifting.

Yannick Flohé beim Boulderweltcup 2017 in München. (c) DAV/Nils Nöll

Die besten Nachwuchstalente aus 60 Ländern treffen sich in den kommenden Tagen in Innsbruck. Es geht um die Weltmeistertitel im Klettern, und dafür treten rund 1.000 Jugendliche aus aller Welt im Lead, Speed und Bouldern gegeneinander an. 15 deutsche Jugendliche sind in Innsbruck dabei.



Kletterhalle Chimpanzodrome (c) Förderverein Klettersport in Frechen – Chimpanzodrome

Vom 27. auf den 28. April hat ein Großfeuer die Frechener Kletterhalle Chimpanzodrome bis auf die Grundmauern zerstört und eine große Lücke in der Kletterwelt im Kölner Westen hinterlassen.