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Five Ten

Without a partner: Pete Whittaker rope solos El Capitan in under 24 hours (c) teamBMC

In November 2016, Pete Whittaker became the first person to solo - all free - El Capitan in under 24 hours, finishing in 20 hours and 6 minutes. Rope Solo Free climbing is a sport that few people know about and even fewer people do.

Nina Williams on the Buttermilks Highball 'Ambrosia' (V11) (c) Nina Williams

On February 28, 2017 Nina Williams made the first female ascent of Ambrosia, a 50-foot V11 (5.14 X) on the Grandpa Peabody Boulder in the Buttermilks of Bishop, California. The first ascent was done by Kevin Jorgeson in 2009.

Pete Whittaker: First Rope Solo Free Climbing on El Capitan in a day (c) Five Ten

In this exclusive short film we get an sneak preview at the soon to be released feature film "Pete Whittaker, without a partner, a film about climbing alone."

24th Hueco Rock Rodeo (c) American Alpine Club

Another great year at the 24th Hueco Rock Rodeo hosted by the American Alpine Club and presented by Five Ten, Avery Brewing, Patagonia, Organic, and La Sportiva. Thanks to Mind Frame Cinema for capturing these world class boulderers doing what they do best!

Mach dich fit für das Berlin Block Masters 2016 (c) CDS Schrott

Anfang Oktober geht das Berlin Block Masters in die zweite Runde. In allen teilnehmenden Boulderhallen warten sechs Wochen lang feinste Boulderprobleme auf die Berliner Kletter-Community.

Sonnie Trotter's First Free Ascent of Ewbank Route on Tasmania's Totem Pole (c) Five Ten

In January of 2009, after a 9-month battle (and 30 years since the First Aid Ascent) "The Ewbank Route" on the iconic Totem Pole saw all 4 of its original pitches climbed free by two local talents, Doug McConnel, and Dean Rollins.

Black Diamond Micropage zur Hardmoves Boulderleague (c) Hardmoves

Auf der Hardmoves Seite stellt Black Diamond eine Plattform bereit, auf der die Teilnehmenden der Boulderleague ihre Begeisterung fürs Bouldern und Klettern weiter leben und teilen können.

HardMoves 2015/2016: Die Qualifikationsrunde (c) HardMoves

Chalk aufgefüllt? Schuhe neubesohlt? Campusboard-Session erledigt? Jetzt wird es ernst: die HardMoves FightClub Edition 2015/2016 startet. Den Anfang machen am 3. Oktober 2015 Chimpanzodrome und Boulderplanet aus Köln sowie die Oldenburger Hallen Oldenbloc und up Kletterzentrum.

Delaney Miller: Hometown Crusher from Frisco, Texas (c) EpicTV

Great climbers aren't born, they're made and the place that they learn their craft is what makes them who they are. From the people around them to their local climbing spots, it all feeds into the type of athlete they become just as our earliest climbing experiences shape our climbing style and future expectations.

Sonnie Trotter in "Estado Critico" (9a) (c) Five Ten

Sonnie Trotter returns to Siurana in Spain after 14 years. This time he is back with his family and wants to try and finish off old projects and test himself on something harder.



150 Jahre DAV: Erste Infos zum Jubiläumsjahr 2019 (c) Deutscher Alpenverein

Im kommenden Jahr feiert der Deutsche Alpenverein seinen 150. Geburtstag. Die Bandbreite der Themen und Termine ist riesig.