Robert Jasper in Grönland (c) Robert Jasper

Robert Jasper war Mitte Juli zu einem Abenteuer der besonderen Art von Kulusuk, Ost- Grönland gestartet. Solo, im Alleingang, verließ er vom letzten Inuit Ort Kungmit die Zivilisation und paddelte mit seinem faltbaren Seekajak ohne Unterstützung im "by fair means"- Stil in die entlegenen Fjorde, auf der Suche nach einem Berg mit einer Felswand um Neuland zu erklimmen. Dies hatte bisher hier noch kein Mensch vor ihm geschafft.

Perspective: Daniel Woods (c) Petzl Sport

American Petzl athletes are out in Catalonia for the winter and spring climbing season. For some, it’s their first experience, and others; it has been routine for years.

Edu Marin on 'Valhalla', 380m (9a?) in China (c) Edu Marin

Edu Marin had never before tried to release a multipich of this caliber, to climb for hours on that roof... Sometimes Edu had the feeling that it never ended and that he was lost in a rock sky. Edu calculate that he has more to climb more than 250 meters of pure roof, an authentic madness

9b at 1800m: Pirmin Bertle in 'La Cène du (Roi) Lézard' (c) Pirmin Bertle

The name of the route is another dedication to the oeuvre of Jim Morrison – the climbing is a present for anyone who joins this game of weird scenes (or moves) inside the gold mine (referring to one of the most impressive landscape, flora and fauna settings among climbing spots in the Alps).

Triple 11 - Three times 9a in Kochel (c) Pirmin Bertle

After one decade of absence from Bavaria I am proudly presenting some first sends from the place I really learned climbing at: Kochel. Before leaving to Switzerland in 2006 the routes we climbed here where up to 20m long, mainly of resistance or bouldery style. Meanwhile Kochel has grown big.

Der beste Sicherer der Welt (c) Petzl Sport

"Als er mich gesichert hat und ich meine Route geschafft habe, bin ich buchstäblich in Tränen ausgebrochen [...] Ich hatte so etwas noch nie erlebt und es hat mein Leben für immer verändert..." -- Dave Graham

Matty Hong climbing in Spain (c) Petzl Sport

When Matty Hong sets out to accomplish something, like sending two 5.15a routes in Spain, there's nothing that can stop him from attaining his goal. During his spring trip to Spain, Matty applied himself to no end to make quick work of La Rambla in Siurana and Joe Mama in Oliana.

Michi Wohlleben gelingt die Erstbegehung von 'Parzival' (8b) im Alpsteingebirge (c) Frank Kretschmann

Am 21. Mai 2017 konnte Michi Wohlleben als Erster die alpine Mehrseillängen-Tour "Parzival"(8b) im Alpsteingebirge (Säntismassiv) frei klettern. Bei perfekten Bedingungen gelangen an diesem Tag alle 6 SL. auf Anhieb rotpunkt.

Oliana: Good Times 2017 (c) Sharma Channel

It's incredible to come back to Oliana year after year and see how this cliff has become an international epicenter for high end sport climbing. It's given me the opportunity to enjoy many special moments with good friends, trying hard routes together and having fun!

Pirmin Bertle in 'Murcielago' (8B), Argentinien (c) Pirmin Bertle

At the foot of the Altiplano in northern Argentina lies the wide and sandstone covered valley of Brealito at 2500m of altitude. The place is as calm and beautiful as it can be and there are some thousands of boulders to open (and to brush).



DAV Bergunfallstatistik 2016/17 (c) DAV/Wolfgang Ehn

So gering war das Risiko noch nie, beim Bergsport tödlich zu verunglücken. In den Jahren 2016 und 2017 sind insgesamt 71 DAV-Mitglieder in den Bergen ums Leben gekommen, das entspricht einem Rückgang um 28% im Vergleich zum Berichtszeitraum davor.