Wild Country

Wild Country

Without a partner: Pete Whittaker rope solos El Capitan in under 24 hours (c) teamBMC

In November 2016, Pete Whittaker became the first person to solo - all free - El Capitan in under 24 hours, finishing in 20 hours and 6 minutes. Rope Solo Free climbing is a sport that few people know about and even fewer people do.

Adam Ondra (c) Petr Piechowicz

The sport climbing Oscars return to Arco on Friday 25 August 2017 with the 12th edition of Arco Rock Legends, celebrated during the 31st Rock Master.

Freie Begehung der Muir Wall am El Capitan (c) Silvan Schüpbach, Dimitri Vogt

Vom 25. - 30.4.17 konnten Silvan Schüpbach und Dimitri Vogt die Route Muir Wall freiklettern. Während 6 Tagen in der 1000m hohen Wand des El Capitans, kletterten die beiden Schweizer alle 33 Seillängen bis 5.13c (8a+) frei.

Wideboyski - Crack adventures in eastern Europe (c) Wild Country Climbing

The Wide Boyz, Peak District climbers Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall, head to Poland and the Czech Republic to test their skills on the region's beautiful and impressive sandstone towers.

Freiwilliger Rückruf für den Wild Country 'Syncro Klettergurt'

Für die Sicherheit aller unserer Kunden erteilen wir einen sofortigen Rückruf für alle Wild Country Syncro Klettergurte, welche hergestellt und verkauft wurden im Jahr 2016.

James Pearson on "The Walk of Life" (E12 7a) (c) Hot Aches Productions

James Pearson knows the ropes. And he's got courage. When he did "The Walk of Life", he climbed what is alleged to be the most difficult and dangerous route in the British Isles. It is the first route rated an E12 degree of difficulty.

Pete Whitaker on "Dynamics of Change" (E9) (c) Hot Aches Productions

Before he was a Wideboy, Pete Whittaker exploded onto the Peak District trad scene with a series of quick repeats of hard classics and first ascents. The crowning achievement of this period was the first ascent of "Dynamics of Change".

Jakob Kronberger klettert mit 14 Jahren "Intermezzo XY gelöst" (9a) (c) Lukas Binder

Seine ersten 8a Routen bezwang der heute 14jährige Wild Country Athlet Jakob "Jagi" Kronberger aus St. Martin am Tennengebirge bereits mit 10 Jahren. Nach der Begehung von Victims of Illusions (8c+) im vergangenen Sommer legte er letztes Wochenende wieder nach: "Intermezzo XY gelöst" (9a).

Klettern im traditionellen Stil - Das waren die keepwild! climbing days 2014

Vier Tage lang kletterten zwanzig Teilnehmer rund um das Furkagebiet im traditionellen Stil und zeigten vorbildlich auf, wie man sich auf den Pfaden alpiner klassischer Klettertouren bewegt und wie man Bergsport im Einklang mit der Natur erleben kann.

[VIDEO] Pete Whittaker on the 1st ascent of Baron Greenback (E9/10 7a)

Pete Whittaker's ascent of Baron Greenback, E9/10 7a, at Wimberry in May of this year was not only one of 2013's best ascents but resulted in one of the Uk's hardest routes, period. Cementing Pete's status as a "gritstone God' after plenty of hard first ascents and repeats, including the phenomenal "Dynamics of Change' at Burbage South, Pete felt that Baron Greenback even put that into the shade. "Baron Greenback' is the hardest thing I've done on grit and an accumulation of everything I've learnt climbing on gritstone, along with a bit of consistant training on some weaknesses. I'm very very pleased to have done this route. First ascents are always more special to me then repeats."



David Lama (c) Manuel Ferrigato, Red Bull Content Pool

David Lama ist die Erstbegehung des Lunag Ri gelungen – und das auch noch im Alleingang! Am 25. Oktober 2018 stand der österreichische Extrembergsteiger als erster Mensch auf dem Gipfel des 6907 Meter hohen Himalaja-Riesen.