Hazel Findlay Does Australia (c) Black Diamond Equipment

Black Diamond Global Athlete Hazel Findlay first visited Australia when she was 19. Years later, she returns with Ambassador Cedar Wright, intent on onsighting the pumpy Final Departure, a 5.12d that has a rep for feeling harder than its grade. The onsight didn't happen, but as Wright puts it, "Hazel is unrelenting. She's going to send."

[VIDEO] Mayan Smith-Gobat in "Punks in the Gym" (8b+/5.14a)

Punks in the Gym (32) at Mt. Arapiles has waited 27 years for a first female ascent. In late 2012, after more than two years of effort, Mayan Smith-Gobat achieved this goal. This video was shot shortly thereafter. Note: the 'birdbath' that Mayan refers to throughout the video is one of the crux holds on the route with a slightly dubious history. In the interview for this video, Mayan describes it as a "glue edge, perfectly four fingers, one pad, with a tiny lip at the edge."

[VIDEO] Australia 2: Kein Erfolg ohne Scheitern

Ohne Scheitern gibt es keinen Erfolg. Dieses Video dokumentiert das Scheitern und den Regen, den es vor den erfolgreichen Begehungen gab.

Mayan Smith-Gobat wiederholt als erste Kletterin "Punks in the Gym" (8b+/5.14a)

Am 28. Oktober 2012 gelang der Neuseeländerin Mayan Smith-Gobat eine Begehung der Route "Punks in the Gym" in den Arapiles in Australien.  Nach vielen Wochen Arbeit am Fels erreichte Sie das Ziel, auf das sie schon seit über zwei Jahren hingearbeitet hatte.