James Pearson - Le Bronx (c) La Sportiva

Become French or become one of the best climbers of all times, are both things that require their time. In this great and entertaining video by Pietro Porro & Francisco Taranto Jr, La Sportiva ambassador James Pearson explain you why.

J'aime Fontainebleau (Part 1) (c) MAD Productions

2 part film about a trip to Fontainebleau. Showing a range of grades from 6a to 8a+. In the first week the climbers took their housemate Lauren for a few days who has never climbed before and she met some interesting people along the way...

Discovering New Crags In The South Of France With Yuji Hirayama And James Pearson (c) EpicTV

In Episode Three of Wine Dine Climb, Yuji, James, and Caroline take a trip to a 2,000-year-old Roman limestone quarry near Saint-Leger, for some techie face and prow climbing after the overhung endurance fest of the Verdon Gorge.

Edu Marin's Race Against Time On Chamonix King Line 'Voie Petite' (8b) (c) EpicTV

In episode three of "The Marins' Alps Project", Edu and his father Novato set their sights on the "Voie Petit" of Grand Capucin in the the Mont Blanc massif, one of their greatest challenges to date.

Up All Day, Out All Night: In Verdon With Yuji Hirayama And James Pearson (c) EpicTV

Episode Two of Wine Dine Climb sees Yuji, Caroline, James and the team head to Les Gorges du Verdon in South East France. After a quick pit stop at the North Face Nightray Outdoor Festival, the gang set about exploring what Verdon has to offer.

Edu Marin Smashes Chamonix's Digital Crack In A Single Pitch (c) EpicTV

Episode Two of The Marins' Alps Project sees Edu and his father, Novato, head to the Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix to climb Digital Crack, a high-altitude, 8a slab over 70m long.

Yuji Hirayama, James Pearson And Caroline Ciavaldini Roadtrippin' And Deep-Water Soloing In France (c) EpicTV

The south of France: the place to go for warm weather, Mediterranean tranquillity, wine, cheese and great climbing. Japanese climber, Yuji Hirayama, spent seven years in France as a child and in Episode One of Wine Dine Climb, he returns with fellow climbers, James Pearson and his wife, French climber Caroline Ciavaldini.

Out of Sight II (Trailer) (c) neil hart

"Out of Sight II" will take you on a journey from an unusual perspective, the forest of Fontainebleau as you have never seen it. World class climbers take on the hardest blocs in the forest as well as some of the more known problems.

Explore Mont Blanc with Kilian Jornet, Ueli Steck, Candide Thovex, and Google Maps (c) Google Maps

The highest and most iconic mountain in western Europe, Mont Blanc resides on the border between France and Italy. Experience the splendor of this beautiful mountain, and get to know the bold explorers who have pushed the boundaries on Mont Blanc's wild alpine terrain.

Sean McColl in Fontainebleau 2015 (c) EpicTV

Back in March of 2015 Sean McColl took a two week trip to the enchanted and somewhat creepy forests of Fontainebleau, France. His trip wasn't short of hard sends; with an 8B flash and handful of 8B+ sends.



Leadweltcup 2017 in Kranj: Jakob Schubert feiert 18. Weltcupsieg (c) Shinta Ozawa

Am 11. und 12.11.17 stand das Saisonfinale im Lead Weltcup 2017 in Kranj (SLO) an. Jakob Schubert dominierte den ganzen Bewerb und gewann souverän jede Runde. Im Finale kletterte er als einziger zum Top und sicherte sich so den Sieg. Es war sein 18. Weltcupsieg.