Training The Mind: Hazel Findlay's Climbing Process (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Training The Mind: Hazel Findlay’s Climbing Process

In the 2nd episode of this seasons La Sportiva Living Legends, we travel to Wales, in particular Snowdonia, a place where one of the best trad climbers in the world Hazel Findlay calls her home.
Steve McClure: GreatNess Wall (E10 7a) (c) UKClimbing TV

[VIDEO] Steve McClure: GreatNess Wall (E10 7a)

A short film of Steve McClure on GreatNess Wall (E10 7a) filmed by Keith Sharples. He was going to take pictures but thought a fall from the last move would look far better...
Dave MacLeod on 'Indian Face' E9 (c) Hot Aches Productions

[VIDEO] Dave MacLeod on “Indian Face” E9

This tells the tale of Dave MacLeod climbing the worlds most notorious E9 "Indian Face". First put up by Johny Dawes in the 80s it's still recognised as a test piece to any modern climber!
Statement of Youth - Trailer (c) UKClimbing TV

[VIDEO] Statement of Youth – Trailer

The 1980’s saw climbing standards rise exponentially. At the start of the decade, 7b+ was cutting edge, but by the end of the 80’s 9a was the new world standard.
Why We Climb (c) UKClimbing TV

[VIDEO] Why We Climb

Earlier this year UKClimbing and Rab teamed up to create a film that captured the heart and soul of the Women's Trad Festival. Irrespective of whether you're young or old, male or female, new or experienced, the reasons why we climb are much the same: for the friends, for the movement, for the people, for the places, and perhaps most of all - because it's fun.
Steve McClure climbs Britain's hardest climb: Rainman 9b (c) teamBMC

[VIDEO] Steve McClure climbs Britain’s hardest climb: Rainman 9b

Where is your limit? Would you recognise it? For Steve McClure it’s an endless series of matchstick edges and nothing holds, high above the Yorkshire Dales. If this climb was one move longer, it would still be a dream… instead it’s the UK’s hardest-ever climb.
Plywood Masters 2018 (c) Posing Productions

[VIDEO] Plywood Masters 2018

Cracking little featurette of the 2018 Plywood Masters indoor bouldering competition held at Boulder UK, Preston. Features many British climbing team members, seriously dirty crimps and fat slice of Lancashire wit. Awesome climbing with plenty of japes and laughs along the way.
Twenty-Year-Long 8b+ Boulder Problem Finally Climbed (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Twenty-Year-Long 8b+ Boulder Problem Finally Climbed

After twenty years, this unclimbed problem, The Rail, Font 8b+ has been worked, worked again and finally has a first ascent from Dan Varian. 'The Rail' at Bowden Doors, Northumberland had been a project for over twenty years.
Adam Ondra tries Rainman (9b): Britain's hardest climb (c) teamBMC

[VIDEO] Adam Ondra tries Rainman (9b): Britain’s hardest climb

One of the highlights of 2017 was Steve McClure climbing Britain's first 9b: Rainman at Malham. In November 2017, Adam Ondra paid a flying visit to the UK to speak at Kendal Film Festival.
One Winter In The Peak (c) LawsonBetaProductions

[VIDEO] One Winter In The Peak

Now that we both live in Sheffield, 'The Peak' is our local climbing area, meaning we were able to get out loads over the Grit season. This video showing a selection of what we got up to.
David Fitzgerald on 'Voyager' (8B+) (c) Puzzleglass

[VIDEO] David Fitzgerald on “Voyager” (8B+)

This film follows Irish climber David Fitzgerald (, who after taking up the sport only 5 years ago travelled to the Peak District to try the hardest bouldering problems on grit.
Ben Moon und Jürgen Reis auf der OutDoor 2016 (c) Archiv Reis

Powerquest Podcast: Ben Moon

Bereits in seiner frühesten Jugend wurde Ben Moon vom Klettervirus "positiv befallen". Ein Klettertrip führte ihn mit 17 zu seinen damaligen Vorbildern wie Jerry Moffat und Martin Atkinson. Seit dem ist der zurückhaltende, auch medial sehr selektive Brite quasi ein Fixpunkt in DER Klettegeschichte!
Ben Moon: Past, present and future (Part 1) (c) Boreal Outdoor

[VIDEO] Ben Moon: Past, present and future (Part 1)

Ben Moon talks bouldering progression, sport climbing and where it's all headed. He's firmly back to sport climbing now, and has a new personalised training plan for the winter courtesy of Tom Randall and Lattice Training. Ben has set his sights on 9a Northern Lights at Kilnsey in the UK, and has no doubt it will go down.
Die Alex Megos Formel (3/4) (c) madebynomads

[VIDEO] Die Alex Megos Formel (3/4)

Auf der Suche nach der Alex Megos Formel macht Teil 3 der vierteiligen Serie Halt im legendären englischen Peak District. Hier lüftet Alex das Geheimnis hinter Kletter-Mythen und versucht sich an einer der historischsten Routen überhaupt: Hubble.
Getting schooled with Ben Moon (c) Boreal Outdoor

[VIDEO] Getting schooled with Ben Moon

After a remarkable career including the World's first 9a ("Hubble"), last year Ben Moon achieved what many thought to be impossible by repeating the climb over 20 years after it's first ascent. Now working towards his nemesis route "Northern Lights", Ben gives us some insight into his training at the School Room.
Gimme Kraft History Channel: Ben Moon & Jerry Moffatt training for 8c+ (c) cafekraft

[VIDEO] Gimme Kraft History Channel: Ben Moon & Jerry Moffatt training for 8c+

Jerry Moffatt and Ben Moon are legends of our sport. They were playing a leading role in the development of sport climbing and bouldering in the 80's and 90's. Being a superb competition climber as well, Jerry is widely regarded as the best overall climber in the world of the 80's.
James Pearson flashing "Something's Burning" (E9) at Pembroke (c) James Pearson

[VIDEO] James Pearson flashing “Something’s Burning” (E9) at Pembroke

Its funny the road that life leads you down. How we learn, progress, and how things that were once only dreams may one day become realities. Two years ago James Pearson realised one of his dreams, to climb an E9, first try!
Dave MacLeod on "The Long Hope" (E11, 7a) (c) Hot Aches Productions

[VIDEO] Dave MacLeod on “The Long Hope” (E11, 7a)

St John's head on the Island of Hoy is a wild and remote 1150 foot sea cliff. 40 years after the first ascent, one of the World's top climbers, Dave MacLeod, sets out to climb the cliff in a single day, finishing with a new desperately hard final pitch up the headwall.
James Pearson on "The Walk of Life" (E12 7a) (c) Hot Aches Productions

[VIDEO] James Pearson on “The Walk of Life” (E12 7a)

James Pearson knows the ropes. And he's got courage. When he did "The Walk of Life", he climbed what is alleged to be the most difficult and dangerous route in the British Isles. It is the first route rated an E12 degree of difficulty.
Pete Whitaker on "Dynamics of Change" (E9) (c) Hot Aches Productions

[VIDEO] Pete Whittaker on “Dynamics of Change” (E9)

Before he was a Wideboy, Pete Whittaker exploded onto the Peak District trad scene with a series of quick repeats of hard classics and first ascents. The crowning achievement of this period was the first ascent of "Dynamics of Change".
Tom Randall on "The Kraken" (V13) (c) Hot Aches/Chris Prescott

[VIDEO] Tom Randall on “The Kraken” (V13)

"When I first tried this move I was convinced that my forearm or finger would explode with a loud bang". This is Tom Randall talking about the moves on The Kraken V13, his Devon Roof Project - a 40 ft long horizontal roof crack at Hartland Quay.
Ned Feehally on "Voyager Sit Start" (8B+) (c) TV

[VIDEO] Ned Feehally on “Voyager Sit Start” (8B+)

Ned Feehally climbed the stand start to Voyager three weeks ago in "a couple of tries" and had been working on the sit start since. He had been waiting for weather windows, whilst trying to get his skin in a suitable condition.
Ben Moon talks about his ascent of "Rainshadow" (9a) (c) Vertebrate Publishing

[VIDEO] Ben Moon talks about his ascent of “Rainshadow” (9a)

We popped round to see Ben Moon and get the knowledge on his ascent of Rainshadow (9a) at Malham Cove: the fourth ascent of the route, which was established by Steve McClure in 2003, and Ben's second 9a, almost twenty-five years after his first ascent of Hubble – the world's first 9a – at Raven Tor.
In The Bubble - Andy Earl's Story (c)

[VIDEO] In The Bubble – Andy Earl’s Story

Andy Earl is one of Britain's most accomplished climbers, from hard, dangerous first ascents in Northumberland, to performing at the highest level in World Cup competitions. In 2010, tragedy struck and changed the Earl's lives forever.
Niky Ceria on "Voyager Sit" (8B+) in Burbage North (c) Niky Ceria

[VIDEO] Niky Ceria on “Voyager Sit” (8B+) in Burbage North

The video regards a Ben Moon's masterpiece, put up in November 2006. Peak District is by far one of Niky Ceria's favorite place where to go and Voyager is simply one of the many gems you can see up-there. Here the second ascent. Enjoy.


Roger Schäli und Simon Gietl nach einer kurzen Nacht in der Berghütte Refuge de la Charpoua (2.841 m). Die Zwei sind kurz vor dem Aufbruch zur 6. klassischen Nordwand ihres Projekts NORTH6. Foto: John Thornton

Roger Schäli und Simon Gietl klettern die letzte Nordwand ihres NORTH6-Projekts:...

Roger Schäli und Simon Gietl schaffen den sechsten NORTH6-Gipfel, Grandes Jorasses (4.208 m), und beenden ihr Projekt nach 14 aktiven Tagen erfolgreich und glücklich.


Alpenvereinsjahrbuch BERG 2022 (c) Tyrolia-Verlag

Alpenvereinsjahrbuch BERG 2022

Das neue AV-Jahrbuch 2022 mit den Schwerpunkten Ortler und Freiheit. Die faszinierende Vielfalt alpiner Themen – für alle, die die Berge lieben.


Bergsport und Yoga: Eine perfekte Kombination (c) Stefan Köchel

Bergsport und Yoga: Eine perfekte Kombination

Im Rahmen der Kampagne „Spüre Dich selbst“ setzt sich der Deutsche Alpenverein für einen gesundheitsorientierten Lebensstil ein – in den Bergen wie auch zuhause.