Hazel Findlay: Dealing With Recovery And The Mental Struggle Of Injury (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Hazel Findlay: Dealing With Recovery And The Mental Struggle Of Injury

It's been a tough year for Hazel Findlay, recovering from shoulder surgery and dealing with the frustration and impatience that goes with serious rehabilitation. Hazel spent most of her winter in Siurana, Spain, sport climbing and getting her shoulder back to strength.
Bouldern auf Gran Canaria (c) Vertical-Axis

[VIDEO] Bouldern auf Gran Canaria

Um dem Winter in Deutschland zu entfliehen, ging es Ende Dezember für 6 Wochen nach Gran Canaria, um die Bouldermöglichkeiten der Insel zu erkunden. Im Moment gibt es nur wenige Infos über die Gebiete und so war es für uns eine Fahrt ins Blaue. Quasi.
Adam Ondra Attempts The World's First 9a+ Flash (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Adam Ondra Attempts The World’s First 9a+ Flash

Adam Ondra came to Spain with two things in his mind; The world's first 9a+ flash on Seleccion Anal, and a second encounter with Chris Sharma's 9b Stoking The Fire. Adam has been training hard for the last two years, and he's keen to see if his impressive competition form translates to the outdoors.
Edu Marin In Best Shape Of His Life On "Seleccion Anal" (9a+) (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Edu Marin In Best Shape Of His Life On “Seleccion Anal” (9a+)

Edu Marin has climbed in Santa Linya for years, but one of the few routes he has left is Seleccion Anal, a stiff 9a+ that Adam Ondra has been trying to flash this trip.
Alex Megos in 'First round, first minute' (9b) (c) Red Bull Content Pool

[VIDEO] Alex Megos in “First round, first minute” (9b)

In diesem Video ist die komplette Begehung von Chris Sharmas "First round, first minute" (9b) im spanischen Margalef durch Alex Megos zu sehen, die ihm am 31. Dezember 2015 nach fünf Tagen Arbeit gelang. Es war die dritte bekannte Begehung von "First round, first minute" und Alex' erste 9b.
Chris Sharma "Mallorcan Dreams" (c) Chris Sharma

[VIDEO] Chris Sharma “Mallorcan Dreams”

I've been to some amazing places in my life but Mallorca may top the list as my favorite. When you see this video I think it's pretty easy to understand why. This is some footage taken a few years back exploring the amazing potential on the wild west coast around the village of Soller.
Anna Stöhr und Edu Marin in 'Fiesta De Los Biceps' (c) Rainer Eder

Mammut “The Classics”: Fiesta De Los Biceps

Manche nennen sie despektierlich den "überhängendsten Kartoffelacker dieser Erde", für andere ist sie die "geilste Kletterei ihrer Art auf der Welt". Und für jeden, der darunter steht und hinaufschaut in diese überhängende, haltlose Wüste aus kleinen, großen und Monster-Kieseln, für den gibt es keine Alternative als dort hinaufklettern zu müssen.
Adam Ondra on "Stoking the fire" (9b) (c) Chris Sharma

[VIDEO] Adam Ondra on “Stoking the fire” (9b)

Check out this awesome clip put together by Chris Sharma's good friends Jorge Visser and Riccardo Giancola of some of Adam Ondra's attempts on his route "Stoking the Fire" (9b) in Santa Linya. Congrats Adam for sending this epic line!
Ruben Firnenburg arbeitet an "Seleccio Natural" (9a) (c) Firnenburgbrothers.com

[VIDEO] Ruben Firnenburg arbeitet an “Seleccio Natural” (9a)

Santa Linya in Katalonien ist eine ziemlich beeindruckende Destination für Sportkletterer. Nicht nur wegen der steilen und kräftigen Züge in der großen Grotte und der spektakulären Aufnahmen in diesem Film von Henning Wang.
What Does It Take To Be One Of The World's Elite Climbers? (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] What Does It Take To Be One Of The World’s Elite Climbers?

In episode one of Epic Climber, Chris Sharma invites Sasha Digiulian, Edu Marin and Adam Ondra to his new gym in Barcelona. After a little warm up at the wall, the guys head to Santa Linya for two days of climbing on some of the world's hardest routes.
Chris Sharma 'Futuristic Old School' (c) Chris Sharma

[VIDEO] Chris Sharma “Futuristic Old School”

Last year Chris Sharma teamed up with his good friend, mentor and climbing legend Marc Le Menestrel. They bolted a beautiful and savage route in La Cova de l'Ocell called "El Hombre Que No Ama". It's a cool mix of crimpy "old school" climbing mixed with a futuristic vision. Chris likes to call it "Futuristic Old School".
Jonathan Siegrist Immersed In Catalonia's "Power Inverter" (9a+) (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Jonathan Siegrist Immersed In Catalonia’s “Power Inverter” (9a+)

Fresh from the success of completing La Rambla, EpicTV Shop athlete Jonathan Siegrist moves onto a new challenge: "Power Inverter". Nestled in amongst the stunning scenery of Oliana in Catalonia, Spain, Jonathan finds himself getting a bit introspective in the quest to complete one of his hardest projects yet.
Ethan Pringle Sends 'La Reina Mora' (5.14d) (c) The RV Project

[VIDEO] Ethan Pringle Sends “La Reina Mora” (5.14d)

"The moves, the length, the obviousness of the path—it was a king line, or rather, a queen line ... I felt confident a send would come after fairly little effort ... But La Reina Mora is a fearsome queen who demands respect. When in the beginning I ... stood in awe of her beauty, now I looked up at her with resentment for the way she’d exposed my weaknesses and insecurities."
Jakob Schubert in "La Planta de Shiva" (9b) (c) Mammut

[VIDEO] Jakob Schubert in “La Planta de Shiva” (9b)

Im Januar 2016 gelang dem Österreicher Jakob Schubert die zweite Begehung von Adam Ondras "Planta de Shiva" (9b) in Billanueava del Rosario in der Nähe von Malaga in Südspanien.
Jakob Schubert über seine Begehung von "La Planta de Shiva" (9b) (c) Elias Holzknecht

Jakob Schubert über seine Begehung von “La Planta de Shiva” (9b)

Nach der langen Wettkampfsaison freut sich Jakob Schubert immer schon sehr darauf, im Winter einen längeren Felstrip zu machen. Auch dieses Jahr nahm sich Jakob vor eine Route zu besuchen, bei der er an seine Grenzen stößt, da er solche Herausforderungen liebt und dabei noch immer viel über sich selbst und sein Klettern lernen kann.
James Pearson Sends The Holdless "Inuit" (8b+) Slab In La Pedriza, Spain (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] James Pearson Sends The Holdless “Inuit” (8b+) Slab In La Pedriza, Spain

During the filming of the next serie, Slabducation, James sent this extreme slab in La Peseta. Definetly one of the fastest ascents on this route. The holds are basically crystals, smears and a few geode-pockets.
Chris Sharma on "Catalan Witness The Fitness" (8C) (c) SHARMA

[VIDEO] Chris Sharma on “Catalan Witness The Fitness” (8C)

In January 2016 Chris Sharma made the first ascent of a long endurance problem at Cova de Ocell, Spain that he refers to as the "Catalan Witness the Fitness." On his new YouTube Channel he states: "This first video is of an amazing boulder problem I did back in January. Enjoy and all the best!"
Edu Marin Takes Down Spain's Hardest Multi-Pitch With His Dad (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Edu Marin Takes Down Spain’s Hardest Multi-Pitch With His Dad

In the first episode of The Marins' Alps Project, sport climber Edu Marin and his legendary father Francesco 'Novato' Marin set off on their summer road trip through Europe, embarking on one of the hardest routes of the journey: Orbayu.
Dani Andrada und Edu Marín in "Chilam Balam" (9a+/b) (c) BOREAL Outdoor

[VIDEO] Dani Andrada und Edu Marín in “Chilam Balam” (9a+/b)

Chilam Balam ist am Sektor Villanueva del Rosario in Spanien, eine 85 Meter lange Route durch ein riesiges Dach. Sie ist bekannt als eine der besten Routen Spaniens im Schwierigkeitsgrad 9a+/b.
Alex Megos in "Jungle Speed" (9a) in Siurana (c) Tenaya Climbing

[VIDEO] Alex Megos in “Jungle Speed” (9a) in Siurana

Just after the send of the route "Estado Crítico", first world's 9a onsight, Alex Megos talks about Siurana and "Jungle Speed", a 9a in "La Capella" sector.
There's Way More To Spanish Bouldering Than Albarracin (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] There’s Way More To Spanish Bouldering Than Albarracin

To many climbers, Spain is a sport climbing destination and nothing more, offering only long limestone routes and tufa pulling. If they have heard of Spanish bouldering, the areas in question will likely be La Pedriza or Albarracin, but there is far more to the country's bouldering than these two spots.
Kai Lightner in "Era Vella" (9a) (c) Evolv Sports

[VIDEO] Kai Lightner in “Era Vella” (9a)

Der 15-jährige US-Amerikaner Kai Lightner nahm sich Anfang 2015 gerade einmal 10 Tage Zeit, um zum ersten Mal auf einen Klettertrip außerhalb der USA zu gehen und dort seine bis dato schwierigste Route zu versuchen.
The 5th Woman Ever To Climb 9a Has A Full-Time Job (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] The 5th Woman Ever To Climb 9a Has A Full-Time Job

In the summer of 2014, Mar Álvarez became the 5th woman in history to climb the grade of 9a/5.14d. This was made even more impressive by the fact that Mar is not a professional climber and actually works full-time as a firefighter in order to support her climbing.
Jonathan Siegrist Goes Full Project Mode On "La Rambla" (9a+/5.15a) (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Jonathan Siegrist Goes Full Project Mode On “La Rambla” (9a+/5.15a)

Breaking into a new sport climbing grade can be an incredibly difficult challenge, but consolidating that breakthrough can be even harder. Having climbed his first 9a+/5.15a "Realization/Biographie" in 2014, EpicTV Shop climber Jonathan Siegrist set his sights on another classic of the grade: Spain's "La Rambla."
Sonnie Trotter in "Estado Critico" (9a) (c) Five Ten

[VIDEO] Sonnie Trotter in “Estado Critico” (9a)

Sonnie Trotter returns to Siurana in Spain after 14 years. This time he is back with his family and wants to try and finish off old projects and test himself on something harder.


Roger Schäli und Simon Gietl nach einer kurzen Nacht in der Berghütte Refuge de la Charpoua (2.841 m). Die Zwei sind kurz vor dem Aufbruch zur 6. klassischen Nordwand ihres Projekts NORTH6. Foto: John Thornton

Roger Schäli und Simon Gietl klettern die letzte Nordwand ihres NORTH6-Projekts:...

Roger Schäli und Simon Gietl schaffen den sechsten NORTH6-Gipfel, Grandes Jorasses (4.208 m), und beenden ihr Projekt nach 14 aktiven Tagen erfolgreich und glücklich.


Alpenvereinsjahrbuch BERG 2022 (c) Tyrolia-Verlag

Alpenvereinsjahrbuch BERG 2022

Das neue AV-Jahrbuch 2022 mit den Schwerpunkten Ortler und Freiheit. Die faszinierende Vielfalt alpiner Themen – für alle, die die Berge lieben.


Bergsport und Yoga: Eine perfekte Kombination (c) Stefan Köchel

Bergsport und Yoga: Eine perfekte Kombination

Im Rahmen der Kampagne „Spüre Dich selbst“ setzt sich der Deutsche Alpenverein für einen gesundheitsorientierten Lebensstil ein – in den Bergen wie auch zuhause.