Boulder Canyon

Boulder Canyon

Jimmy Webb: Colorado Short 2016 (c) Jimmy Webb

Here's a quick flic from Jimmy Webb's trip to Colorado. Includes the first ascent of "Turpentine" (V12/13), a flash of the classic "Barrel Rider2 (V13), and the 4th ascent on "The Game" (V15). Sorry for the whack iPhone footage!

First Ascents in Boulder Canyon by Hunter Damiani (c) Hunter Damiani

Right around Halloween Hunter's buddy Hiro took him out to "Witch Hunt" in Boulder Canyon. On the short approach to "Witch Hunt" there is a roadside boulder with a tyrollean attached, they immediately noticed several untouched lines on it so they came back the next day to climb it!



Expedition zum 'Riso Patron Süd' (c) Matteo Della Bordella, Silvan Schüpbach

Vom 9. Februar bis zum 3. März 2018 verbrachten Matteo Della Bordella und Silvan Schüpbach 22 Tage im chilenischen O’Higgins Nationalpark, um den abgelegenen Berg Riso Patron zu besteigen. Dieser mysteriöse Berg am westlichen Rand des südlichen patagonischen Inlandeis wurde bislang kaum von Bergsteigern besucht.