Joe's Valley

Joe's Valley

Ronnie Dickson: The V10 Project (c) Evolv Sports

In a beautiful short from frequent Mountain Project contributor Alton Richardson, we follow Ronnie Dixon's quest to become the first above the knee amputee climber to send V10, Resident Evil in Joe's Valley, Utah.

Forking Awesome Bouldering in Joe's Valley Forks (Lost in North America, Ep. 7) (c) EpicTV

Joe's Valley in Utah is made up of three areas: Left Fork, Right Fork and New Joe's, all of which the Lost crew found FORKING AWESOME. And you can bet, if the Lost crew goes to Joe's, you had better well expect butter-finger doughnuts, sandstone boulders and the aquatic center...



Jakob Schubert ist Kombinations-Weltmeister 2018 (c) Johann Groder

Jakob Schubert gelang der perfekte Abschluss der Heim-WM in Innsbruck. Er kürte sich zum ersten Kombinationsweltmeister. Außerdem ist er der erste Österreicher, der in zwei Disziplinen Weltmeister wird.