Ringlock Ranch (c) E Bauer

[VIDEO] Ringlock Ranch

The desert is full of secrets, especially for a climber. There are many miles of cliffs waiting to be explored. Mason Earle has been driving force in the desert, and has spent many years searching the canyons of Utah for new routes.
The Classics 'Fine Jade' (c) Mammut

[VIDEO] The Classics „Fine Jade“

Risse spalten nicht nur Felswände, sondern auch die gesamte Klettergemeinde. In solche, die das Rissklettern lieben und solche, die Rissklettern hassen. Es nur ein bisschen zu mögen - das geht nicht!
Fire Dust & Cracks: Enzo Oddo Onsights 5.13 Sandstone Splitters (c) Tchaloproductions

[VIDEO] Fire Dust & Cracks: Enzo Oddo Onsights 5.13 Sandstone Splitters

Enzo Oddo and friends spend nearly two months in the desert of Utah sending sandstone splitters. Oddo onsighted and flashed 5.13 cracks all around Moab, Green River and Indian Creek. Here's a sampler from the trip.
[VIDEO] Steph Davis: Crazy Beautiful Thing

[VIDEO] Steph Davis: Crazy Beautiful Thing

PrAna Ambassador Steph Davis shares her search for connection and perfection on the sandstone cliffs of Moab, Utah. Steph Davis has been pushing the limits of climbing for 18 years, cross discipline. She is known for her free ascents of El Capitan, for climbing hard cracks in the Moab desert, for free soloing long and committing routes, and for first ascents in South America, the Karakorum and the Arctic. Steph is also an avid BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot. She has made hundreds of jumps, including combining free soloing with BASE. Aside from climbing and jumping, Steph loves running, skate skiing, gardening, cooking and writing. She is a prolific blogger and a vocal supporter of veganism, animal welfare and simple living. Steph prefers climbing areas that are good for dogs.

[VIDEO] Stranger Than Fiction

Between shooting guns, jumping off cliffs, and exploring the desert, Mason Earle attempts what could be the hardest crack climb in the world. Watch as he attempts his new ultra-hard route at Bartlett Wash and manages to conquer yet another FFA outside of Moab.


Dani Arnold mit neuem Speed Rekord an der Großen Zinne Nordwand (c) Mammut

Dani Arnold mit neuem Speed Rekord an der Großen Zinne Nordwand

Dani Arnold stellt im September 2019 an der Grossen Zinne eine neue Rekordzeit auf. Der Mammut Pro Team Athlet besteigt die Nordwand über die Comici-Dimai-Route in 46 Minuten und 30 Sekunden. Damit hält der 35-Jährige an vier der sechs grossen Nordwände Europas den Speed Rekord.


'Alles Klettern ist Problemlösen' von Angela Eiter (c) Tyrolia Verlag

Buchvorstellung: „Alles Klettern ist Problemlösen“ von Angela Eiter

Sportkletterer wissen: Klettern heißt Bewegungsprobleme knacken, die einem die Wand stellt. Diesem fesselnden, Geist und Körper gleichermaßen fordernden Spiel in der Vertikalen ist „Angy“ seit ihrer Kindheit verfallen.


JDAV-Gruppen sammeln 2,6 Tonnen gebrauchte Daunenprodukte (c) Mountain Equipment

JDAV-Gruppen sammeln 2,6 Tonnen gebrauchte Daunenprodukte

Das Jubiläumsprojekt "DownUpCycling" von der Jugend des Deutschen Alpenvereins (JDAV) und Mountain Equipment endete am 30. Juni 2019 nach 100 Tagen Sammelzeit.