BDTV Episode 5: The Width of Life (c) Black Diamond Equipment

Climber and author Dave Pegg was a fixture in his climbing community of Rifle, Colorado, a man remembered for what he gave to others. With his passing, many of his projects were left unfinished, some of them still partially bolted dreams.

Heather Robinson - Pursuing Your Passion (c) Rock & Ice

Climbing has been a passion for Heather Robinson ever since she started climbing 11 years ago. Despite the concerns of her peers, she quit a steady job as a veterinarian to climb full time, but to her, it was not giving up a profession.



Moritz Hans beim BWC München 2016. Foto: DAV/Marco Kost

In einer Woche findet der Boulderweltcup München statt. Nicht nur für die zahllosen Helfer beginnt deshalb nun die heiße Phase des Aufbaus, auch die deutschen Athleten befinden sich mittlerweile im Trainings-Endspurt.