Alex Megos 'Helveticlimb': Drei Schweizer 9a Routen in 6 Tagen (c) Thomas Ballenberger

Der 24-jährige Kletterer Alexander Megos meistert auf seinem einwöchigen Trip "Helveticlimb" durch die Schweiz drei 9a Routen und sieben 8b+/c Routen. Ohne einen einzigen Ruhetag.

REEL ROCK 12 Official Trailer (c) REEL ROCK

We've been following the world's most exciting climbers, documenting their gripping tales and groundbreaking sends. REEL ROCK 12 brings you stories from the edge, featuring big names and breakout stars.

Nalle Hukkataival on 'The Finnish Line' (V16) (c) Black Diamond Equipment

"A gem rarer than diamonds." That's how BD Athlete Nalle Hukkataival describes The Finnish Line (V16). Sitting untouched for years within a mecca for bouldering, Nalle's latest testpiece has it all-aesthetics, difficulty and a beautiful setting. Plus, it's now a contender for Rocklands' hardest boulder problem.

Pirmin Bertle on 'In this light you look like Poseidon' (9a)

"In this light you look like Poseidon" is Bolivias's first 9a, the second one on the Altiplano on almost 4000m, the fourth one in Latin America.

Adam Ondra: Incredible moves in "Silence" (9c) (c) TENDON

Filmed in 2016: Adam Ondra and his unbelievable moves in route Project hard in Flatanger. This is one of hardest section with several turns. It will take a lot of time to link it. Stay tuned.

Scarpa Story Firnenburgbrothers (c) SCARPA SCHUHE

In dieser Story will Scarpa euch David und Ruben Firnenburg vorstellen und euch einen kurzen Einblick in deren Alltag geben.

BD Athlete Carlo Traversi Takes On The Triple 14 Challenge (c) Black Diamond Equipment

The perspective of difficulty is forever changing. With new ascents, new feats of strengths and new discoveries constantly raising the bar, a climber’s perception of what’s possible is always shifting.

Be Babsi (c) Black Diamond Equipment

Bold. Brave. Humble. These are the qualities that make BD Athlete Babsi Zangerl inspiring. From her historic bouldering ascents, 5.14 trad FA’s, to her epic big wall takedowns, Babsi may just be the best female climber in the world. Be Bold. Be Humble. Be Babsi.

Alex Johnson - Exploring Thailand (c) Evolv Sports

Have you ever thought about traveling and climbing in Thailand? Follow Alex Johnson and Kati Hetrick as they experience the amazing Limestone Caves, Deep Water Soloing, Sandstone Bouldering, Multi-Pitch Climbing, Crazy Night Life and More!

E.O.F.T. 2017/18 - Official Teaser (c) European Outdoor Film Tour

Check out the first preview of the E.O.F.T.17/18! Follow us to the the mystical Amazon region, France’s largest glacier, Greenland's gigantic ice sheets and many other exotic places.



7 x 8.000: Erfolg am Manaslu für Alix von Melle und Luis Stitzinger (c) Archiv von Melle, Stitzinger

Mit dem Manaslu (8.163 m) gelingt dem deutschen Bergsteigerehepaar Alix von Melle (46) und Luis Stitzinger (48) ihr siebter Achttausendergipfel ohne Verwendung von künstlichem Sauerstoff - und das in einem Jahr, in dem die Sperrung Tibets abermals für einen Massenansturm am nepalesischen Berg sorgte.