James Pearson

James Pearson

The North Face - The Search (c) The North Face

Team climbers, James Pearson and Caroline Ciavaldini return from a climbing safari of the South African Western Cape terrain, embarking on trad climbs all around the hidden treasures of the Rocklands area.

James Pearson - Le Bronx (c) La Sportiva

Become French or become one of the best climbers of all times, are both things that require their time. In this great and entertaining video by Pietro Porro & Francisco Taranto Jr, La Sportiva ambassador James Pearson explain you why.

James Pearson flashing "Something's Burning" (E9) at Pembroke (c) James Pearson

Its funny the road that life leads you down. How we learn, progress, and how things that were once only dreams may one day become realities. Two years ago James Pearson realised one of his dreams, to climb an E9, first try!

James Pearson on "The Walk of Life" (E12 7a) (c) Hot Aches Productions

James Pearson knows the ropes. And he's got courage. When he did "The Walk of Life", he climbed what is alleged to be the most difficult and dangerous route in the British Isles. It is the first route rated an E12 degree of difficulty.

Discovering New Crags In The South Of France With Yuji Hirayama And James Pearson (c) EpicTV

In Episode Three of Wine Dine Climb, Yuji, James, and Caroline take a trip to a 2,000-year-old Roman limestone quarry near Saint-Leger, for some techie face and prow climbing after the overhung endurance fest of the Verdon Gorge.

James Pearson Sends The Holdless "Inuit" (8b+) Slab In La Pedriza, Spain (c) EpicTV

During the filming of the next serie, Slabducation, James sent this extreme slab in La Peseta. Definetly one of the fastest ascents on this route. The holds are basically crystals, smears and a few geode-pockets.

Up All Day, Out All Night: In Verdon With Yuji Hirayama And James Pearson (c) EpicTV

Episode Two of Wine Dine Climb sees Yuji, Caroline, James and the team head to Les Gorges du Verdon in South East France. After a quick pit stop at the North Face Nightray Outdoor Festival, the gang set about exploring what Verdon has to offer.

Yuji Hirayama, James Pearson And Caroline Ciavaldini Roadtrippin' And Deep-Water Soloing In France (c) EpicTV

The south of France: the place to go for warm weather, Mediterranean tranquillity, wine, cheese and great climbing. Japanese climber, Yuji Hirayama, spent seven years in France as a child and in Episode One of Wine Dine Climb, he returns with fellow climbers, James Pearson and his wife, French climber Caroline Ciavaldini.

S.P.O.T. Philippines (c) Foto Vertical

THE S.P.O.T. PROJECT was born out of desire to help out our friend, this other climber from a less fortunate place than us. THE S.P.O.T. PROJECT is about helping each other, it’s about spotting your friend.

James Pearson und Caroline Ciavaldini auf den Philippinen (c) Francisco Taranto jr.

Die beiden Top-Kletterer James Pearson und Caroline Ciavaldini helfen mit dem Projekt "SPOT" der Entwicklung des Sports auf den Philippinen. Neben der Erschließung eines neuen Gebiets überbringt das Duo auch Equipment und gibt Trainingsstunden.



David Lama (c) Manuel Ferrigato, Red Bull Content Pool

David Lama ist die Erstbegehung des Lunag Ri gelungen – und das auch noch im Alleingang! Am 25. Oktober 2018 stand der österreichische Extrembergsteiger als erster Mensch auf dem Gipfel des 6907 Meter hohen Himalaja-Riesen.