'Comfort Zone' with Alex Honnold and Jonathan Siegrist (c) La Sportiva North America

[VIDEO] „Comfort Zone“ with Alex Honnold and Jonathan Siegrist

Before Alex Honnold's "Nose" speed record, and before Jonathan Siegrist sent "Jumbo Love," the pair teamed up this spring for some training time - each working projects outside of their comfort zones.
Jonathan Siegrist Immersed In Catalonia's "Power Inverter" (9a+) (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Jonathan Siegrist Immersed In Catalonia’s „Power Inverter“ (9a+)

Fresh from the success of completing La Rambla, EpicTV Shop athlete Jonathan Siegrist moves onto a new challenge: "Power Inverter". Nestled in amongst the stunning scenery of Oliana in Catalonia, Spain, Jonathan finds himself getting a bit introspective in the quest to complete one of his hardest projects yet.
Jonathan Siegrist Goes Full Project Mode On "La Rambla" (9a+/5.15a) (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Jonathan Siegrist Goes Full Project Mode On „La Rambla“ (9a+/5.15a)

Breaking into a new sport climbing grade can be an incredibly difficult challenge, but consolidating that breakthrough can be even harder. Having climbed his first 9a+/5.15a "Realization/Biographie" in 2014, EpicTV Shop climber Jonathan Siegrist set his sights on another classic of the grade: Spain's "La Rambla."
Jonathan Siegrist on "Le Cadre Nouvelle" (9a) in Ceuse (c) La Sportiva North America

[VIDEO] Jonathan Siegrist on „Le Cadre Nouvelle“ (9a) in Ceuse

Jonathan Siegrist has been battling with this route, "Le Cadre Nouvelle" (9a) since he arrived in Ceuse in May 2015. For Jonathan it has a little taste of everything, some sections suited him really well and others were very demanding.
Jonathan Siegrist Climbs The Old School Crimpfest "Insurrection" (8c/5.14b) (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Jonathan Siegrist Climbs The Old School Crimpfest „Insurrection“ (8c/5.14b)

Jonathan Siegrist is back from climbing in Europe and after taking time off with an injury he hops on his project, "Insurrection" (8c/5.14b) at Independence Pass, CO. The route has several sections where he's forced to get super stretched out and then violently cut his feet, all of which can potentially spit him off.
Jonathan Siegrist nabs two 8c second ascents in Switzerland (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Jonathan Siegrist nabs two 8c second ascents in Switzerland

Der Bauch is an amazing climbing crag above Engelber, Switzerland with access to a handful of huge sport pitches from a ledge system that you have to approach through via ferrata and steep hiking. As soon as you leave the ground you have immense exposure and when you're topping out the 40 meter routes you have well over 300 meters of air below your ass.
[VIDEO] Jonathan Siegrist Breaks The 'Speed' Limit | Nomad

[VIDEO] Jonathan Siegrist Breaks The 'Speed' Limit | Nomad, Ep. 2

Jonathan Siegrist doesn't necessarily 'live by the rules' - he lives in his car and climbs for a living. And now he's breaking the 'Speed' limit - climbing 'Speed Intégrale', 9a, Cedric Lachat's extension of Beat Kammerlander's classic test piece 'Speed', 8c+, in Voralpsee, Switzerland.
[VIDEO] The Story Behind Jonathan Siegrist's Send Of Biographie/Realization (9a+/5.15a)

[VIDEO] The Story Behind Jonathan Siegrist's Send Of Biographie/Realization (9a+/5.15a)

Jonathan Siegrist came to Europe with a few goals in mind. One of the foremost was to climb the world's first 9a+ in Céüse, France. He knew from the start that it wouldn't be easy. Over the course of four weeks he worked the route and prepared himself mentally and physically by keeping his hype high, eating lots of hard-boiled eggs, and enjoying the French countryside. He was rewarded for his perseverance when he became only the eight person in history to send the line first imagined by Jean-Christophe Lafaille and first actualized by Chris Sharma - Biographie/Realization 5.15a/ 9a+.
[VIDEO] Athlete Spotlight: Jonathan Siegrist

[VIDEO] Athlete Spotlight: Jonathan Siegrist

Start at the bottom of the mountain with La Sportiva Athlete Jonathan Siegrist (JSTAR) and follow his progression from repeating difficult lines around the world to bolting and establishing cutting edge routes of his own.
[VIDEO] Viva La Vie mit Jonathan Siegrist und Nina Caprez

[VIDEO] Viva La Vie mit Jonathan Siegrist und Nina Caprez

American climber, Jonathan Siegrist, embarks on a journey to France to pay tribute to the roots of modern sport climbing. After teaming up with Swiss superstar, Nina Caprez, the two climb the hardest routes the Verdon Gorge has to offer. Shortly thereafter, they stumble upon the greater meaning of climbing when they were least looking for it.
[VIDEO] Jonathan Siegrist in "Le Reve" (9a/+)

[VIDEO] Jonathan Siegrist in „Le Reve“ (9a/+)

Jonathan Siegrist hatten wir ja schon öfter hier bei den Videos. Ich mag seinen präzisen Kletterstil und seine ruhige Art - nachdenklich und doch humorvoll. In seinem neuesten Video gelingt ihm die Erstbegehung von "La Reve" (9a/+) in einem entlegenen Canyon im südlichen Nevada.


Alexander Huber: Eine Reise in die Wüste (c) Archiv Alexander Huber

Alexander Huber: Eine Reise in die Wüste

Alexander Huber war zusammen mit Guido Unterwurzacher, Jakob Oberhauser und Read McAdam im Oman unterwegs, um in der weltberühmten Höhle Maljis al Jinn zu klettern.


SPOC Umlenkrolle mit integrierter Rücklaufsperre (c) EDELRID

Produktvorstellung: SPOC Umlenkrolle von EDELRID

Leicht, kompakt und vielseitig: die Umlenkrolle von EDELRID mit integrierter Rücklaufsperre.


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Die Firma On Top Klettern GmbH gehört zu den Pionieren im Kletterwandbau in Europa. Seit über 20 Jahren entwickelt und fertigt die Firma spezielle Kletterwände, Boulderwände, Klettertürme und Klettergriffe für Freizeit, Sport, Spiel & Therapie.