Kevin Jorgeson

Kevin Jorgeson

[VIDEO] The Dawn Wall: Episode 5

Adidas athlete Carlo Traversi joins Kevin Jorgesen as he does work on the first 5.14 traversing pitch, roughly 1,500 feet up the wall. Can Kevin unlock the sequence on these critical traverse sections, and finally mount a push to climb the entire route free?

[VIDEO] The Dawn Wall: Episode 4

With Tommy Caldwell sidelined with a rib injury, Adidas athlete Kevin Jorgesen perseveres on his attempt to free climb the Dawn Wall Project. Recruiting reliable belayers is sure to be challenging.

[VIDEO] The Dawn Wall: Episode 3

Tommy Caldwell suffers a painful rib injury when a haulbag connected to his harness falls 200 feet. After receiving treatment in the Yosemite clinic, Caldwell heads back to Colorado, his Dawn Wall hopes dashed for 2013.

[VIDEO] The Dawn Wall: Episode 2

Dawn Wall veterans Kevin Jorgesen and Tommy Caldwell are joined by sport climber Chris Sharma. The trio warm up on the lower pitches, then take a run at the first crux: An "eight-and-a-half-foot, sideways dyno."

[VIDEO] The Dawn Wall: Episode 1

Adidas Outdoor USA athlete Kevin Jorgeson schlepps loads and fixes ropes on El Capitan prior to his free attempt on the Dawn Wall: "The hardest route never climbed."



150 Jahre DAV: Erste Infos zum Jubiläumsjahr 2019 (c) Deutscher Alpenverein

Im kommenden Jahr feiert der Deutsche Alpenverein seinen 150. Geburtstag. Die Bandbreite der Themen und Termine ist riesig.