Olivia Hsu

Olivia Hsu

Deep-Water Soloing In Mallorca With Daila Ojeda (c) EpicTV

The Spanish island of Mallorca has a lot of things going for it - great climbing crags, a beautiful coastline, and amazing people among them. Combine crags, coastline and amazing people and what do you get?

Daila Ojeda and Olivia Hsu unwind on the tufa lines of Mallorca (c) EpicTV

Climbing holidays have a habit of passing in a blur. You're up early to maximise tour time at the crag, you climb hard all day before heading back home where you have just enough energy left for food and the odd cerveza before bed.



Paraclimbing Team Deutschland im Aufwärtstrend

Was kaum jemand für möglich hält, wird spätestens glaubhaft, wenn man uns beim Training zuschaut. Wir sind das Paraclimbing Team Deutschland.