9b at 1800m: Pirmin Bertle in 'La Cène du (Roi) Lézard' (c) Pirmin Bertle

[VIDEO] 9b at 1800m: Pirmin Bertle in „La Cène du (Roi) Lézard“

The name of the route is another dedication to the oeuvre of Jim Morrison – the climbing is a present for anyone who joins this game of weird scenes (or moves) inside the gold mine (referring to one of the most impressive landscape, flora and fauna settings among climbing spots in the Alps).
Steve McClure makes epic ascent of 6-pitch Verdon 8b super route (c) teamBMC

[VIDEO] Steve McClure makes epic ascent of 6-pitch Verdon 8b super route

Take Steve McClure (Britain's top sport climber) and Neil Mawson (E10-conquering dark horse). Throw them into the dizzying Verdon Gorge then stir well with the film-making skills of Rich Heap and Ben Pritchard. Attempting a spectacular multi-pitch route, the duo find themselves way off route and have to dig deep to find success.
Scarpa Stories - Dirk Uhlig (c) SCARPA SCHUHE

[VIDEO] Scarpa Stories – Dirk Uhlig

Dirk Uhlig ist schon sehr lange mit Scarpa unterwegs. Was den bekannten Erstbegeher und Routenbauer bewegt seht ihr in der vierten Scarpa Story von diesem Jahr.
Triple 11 - Three times 9a in Kochel (c) Pirmin Bertle

[VIDEO] Triple 11 – Three times 9a in Kochel

After one decade of absence from Bavaria I am proudly presenting some first sends from the place I really learned climbing at: Kochel. Before leaving to Switzerland in 2006 the routes we climbed here where up to 20m long, mainly of resistance or bouldery style. Meanwhile Kochel has grown big.
Alex Honnold and Yuji Hirayama Climbing in Japan (c) The North Face Japan

[VIDEO] Alex Honnold and Yuji Hirayama climbing in Japan

In March 2018, Alex Honnold traveled to Japan and sampled the country’s rock with the legendary Yuji Hirayama and Toru Nakajima.
[VIDEO] Felix Kiem on 'Himmelsreiter' (8c) (c) SEE IT (YouTube User)

[VIDEO] Felix Kiem on „Himmelsreiter“ (8c)

On March 21st the young italian Climber Felix Kiem was able to send "Himmelsreiter". A route graded 8C in the Saustall Crag near Naturns (BZ). It was the 5th ascent after Jacopo Larcher, Ivo Gamper, Rudi Moroder and Günther Karbon.
Steve McClure climbs Britain's hardest climb: Rainman 9b (c) teamBMC

[VIDEO] Steve McClure climbs Britain’s hardest climb: Rainman 9b

Where is your limit? Would you recognise it? For Steve McClure it’s an endless series of matchstick edges and nothing holds, high above the Yorkshire Dales. If this climb was one move longer, it would still be a dream… instead it’s the UK’s hardest-ever climb.
Heureka! - Neuland in Meteora (c) Felix Bähr

[VIDEO] Heureka! – Neuland in Meteora

Im griechischen Meteora haben kletternde Sachsen seit Generationen Spuren hinterlassen. Die Konglomerat-Riesen sind hoch und steil, die Touren zumeist ausgesetzt und schwer abzusichern. In den Wänden gibt es neben den Klassikern noch jede Menge Raum für spektakuläre Erstbegehungen.
Climbing The Shaft: Nate Murphy Gets Schooled On Big Walls And Massive Exposure (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Climbing The Shaft: Nate Murphy Gets Schooled On Big Walls And Massive Exposure

In the summer of 2017, Nate Murphy made his way to Yosemite to attempt what would be his toughest big wall challenge to date, to climb the 13 pitches of the Shaft Variation on the Muir Wall, 5.13c/8a+.
Without a partner: Pete Whittaker rope solos El Capitan in under 24 hours (c) teamBMC

[VIDEO] Without a partner: Pete Whittaker rope solos El Capitan in under 24 hours

In November 2016, Pete Whittaker became the first person to solo - all free - El Capitan in under 24 hours, finishing in 20 hours and 6 minutes. Rope Solo Free climbing is a sport that few people know about and even fewer people do.
Draußen klettern ist anders (c) Deutscher Alpenverein

[VIDEO] Draußen klettern ist anders

Draußen ist schöner… aber gewusst wie! Nach einem langen Winter raus an den Fels, das ist nicht nur für Kletterneulinge eine große Umstellung. Die beiden Wettkampfkletterinnen Helen Danco und Catrin Gorzellik geben Tipps für den Start in die Klettersaison.
Climb to Tokyo (c) Deutscher Alpenverein

[VIDEO] Climb to Tokyo

Der Countdown für Olympia 2020 in Tokio läuft! Unser Kletterkader hat sich in Japan schon mal die Hallen angesehen und mit der japanischen Mannschaft trainiert. Alle News rund um den Kader und Olympia findet ihr künftig unter alpenverein.de/climbtotokyo
Plywood Masters 2018 (c) Posing Productions

[VIDEO] Plywood Masters 2018

Cracking little featurette of the 2018 Plywood Masters indoor bouldering competition held at Boulder UK, Preston. Features many British climbing team members, seriously dirty crimps and fat slice of Lancashire wit. Awesome climbing with plenty of japes and laughs along the way.
Barbara Zangerl and Nina Caprez on 'Neverending Story' (8b+) (c) Alpsolut Moving Pictures

[VIDEO] Barbara Zangerl and Nina Caprez on „Neverending Story“ (8b+)

The Neverending Story (Unendliche Geschichte) 8b+ was established by Beat Kammerlander in 1991. At that time it was the hardest multipitch route of the world. Now, over 25 years later the route has just seen 2 repetitions.
Patxi Usobiaga on "Pachamama" (9a+/b) (c) PucSeriestraining

[VIDEO] Patxi Usobiaga on „Pachamama“ (9a+/b)

Patxi Usobiaga takes us through the process of what it was like to climb a route he had attempted 8 years ago in Oliana, Spain when he felt he was at his peak. That was before his life changed and climbing took a backseat.
Seb Bouin (c) Black Diamond Equipment

[VIDEO] Seb Bouin on „MOVE“ (9b/+)

When choosing a project far from home, Seb Bouin realizes the challenges associated with distance: Not only when it comes to the difficulty of the route, but also in terms of motivation, focus and personal growth. But Move 9b/9b+ in Flatanger, Norway, was the perfect challenge and he couldn’t resist. Now Seb’s fully committed, and on to what he calls the "logical next step" of his progression.
Silence Premiere with Adam Ondra and Jerry Moffatt in Arco, Italy (c) Adam Ondra

[VIDEO] Silence Premiere with Adam Ondra and Jerry Moffatt in Arco, Italy

Let’s celebrate climbing and have a good time together! Listen to Adam and Jerry, two climbing legends, as they discuss climbing, and then watch the movie about the world’s first 9c.
Jernej Kruder on 'Catalan Witness the Fitness' (FB 8C) (c) Jernej Kruder

[VIDEO] Jernej Kruder on „Catalan Witness the Fitness“ (FB 8C)

Jernej Kruder sends Chris Sharma's test piece "Catalan witness the fitness" 8c in Cova del ocell, Spain.
Twenty-Year-Long 8b+ Boulder Problem Finally Climbed (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Twenty-Year-Long 8b+ Boulder Problem Finally Climbed

After twenty years, this unclimbed problem, The Rail, Font 8b+ has been worked, worked again and finally has a first ascent from Dan Varian. 'The Rail' at Bowden Doors, Northumberland had been a project for over twenty years.
Teaser: Adam Ondra's Silence (c) Adam Ondra

[VIDEO] Teaser: Adam Ondra’s Silence

On September 3, 2017, Adam Ondra completed Silence in Norway's Flatanger Cave. He graded the route, formerly known as "Project Hard," 9c (5.15d), which would make it the hardest pitch in the world. Watch a teaser for the upcoming film above.
Adam Ondra on 'Eagle 4' (9B) FA (c) seb R

[VIDEO] Adam Ondra on „Eagle 4“ (9B) FA

Just days after making the first ever flash of a 5.15a, Adam Ondra did yet another new 5.15b, which he named "Eagle 4". Here is the footage of the send and it's absolutely bonkers. At one point he makes literally a dozen hand and foot moves to just make one move of upward progress. Enjoy!
Battling To Climb 'Immortel' On Reunion Island (c) Davie Soul

[VIDEO] Battling To Climb ‚Immortel‘ On Reunion Island

Alban Levier made the first ascent of Immortel 7C/V9 back in 2016, and now he's back with a new team and a new tour of the best rock climbing spots on the island. First up, back to Immortel to try and repeat Alban's route, a crimpy, technical highball which will require all their determination and fight to try and solve the problem.
Wild Lines: Fontainebleau (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Wild Lines: Fontainebleau

Three of the strongest climbers in the U.K, Dave Barrans, Matt Cousins and Nathan Phillips head to the magical bouldering forest of Fontainebleau in France. Their mission? Take on some of the hardest boulders in the forest, push each other to the limits and eat lots of cheese. Simple.
Adam Ondra tries Rainman (9b): Britain's hardest climb (c) teamBMC

[VIDEO] Adam Ondra tries Rainman (9b): Britain’s hardest climb

One of the highlights of 2017 was Steve McClure climbing Britain's first 9b: Rainman at Malham. In November 2017, Adam Ondra paid a flying visit to the UK to speak at Kendal Film Festival.
Tom Bolger on 'Victima Perez' (9a) (c) MadSkillz Media

[VIDEO] Tom Bolger on „Victima Perez“ (9a)

After struggling for years with injuries, Tom Bolger is finally back on form, sending his 10-th 9a with a a rare repeat of Victima Perez in Margalefs Finestra sector.


Erstbegehung von 'Silberrücken'' (8a+ MSL) am Rotbrätt durch Schaeli und Siegrist (c) Frank Kretschmann

Erstbegehung von „Silberrücken“ (8a+ MSL) am Rotbrätt durch Schaeli und Siegrist

Die beiden schweizer Alpinisten Stephan Siegrist und Roger Schaeli konnten im Juni 2019 mit "Silberrücken" eine neue Route durch die Rotbrätt Westwand an der Jungfrau als erste Kletterer erfolgreich begehen.


'Peak Performance' von Dr. Guido Köstermeyer (c) tmms-Verlag

Buchvorstellung: „Peak Performance“ von Dr. Guido Köstermeyer

Die Trainingslehre des Ex-Bundestrainers Guido Köstermeyer umfasst alle Bereiche des Konditionstrainings, vom Kraft-, über das Kraftausdauertraining, bis hin zum Ausgleichstraining.


JDAV-Gruppen sammeln 2,6 Tonnen gebrauchte Daunenprodukte (c) Mountain Equipment

JDAV-Gruppen sammeln 2,6 Tonnen gebrauchte Daunenprodukte

Das Jubiläumsprojekt "DownUpCycling" von der Jugend des Deutschen Alpenvereins (JDAV) und Mountain Equipment endete am 30. Juni 2019 nach 100 Tagen Sammelzeit.