Giuseppe „Pippo“ Nolasco has made the 3rd ascent of Alberto Gnerro's SS26 at Gressonay, in northern Italy. Originally given 9a, and thought to be more like 8c+/9a by Gabri Moroni, who made the 2nd ascent, Pippo feels 8c+ is closer to the mark. Regardless of if it's 8c+ or 9a, this is Pippo's hardest ascent to date.Gressonay is the crag where Gabri Moroni put up his Elementi di disturbo, 8c+/9a, recently. A few days after the FA, Adam Ondra came by and worked it for a day. Guess what. He didn't do it.No joke.Apparently, he couldn't do the crux.Of course there could be any number of natural explanations for this, but I still find it interesting as no 9a's seem to be a problem for the young Czech.Source: Instrapiombo/Kairn

Giuseppe "Pippo" NolascoBjörn Pohl – UKC, 26 Jul 2010©

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