Angela Eiter wins Arco Rock Master for the 5th time

“It´s unbelievable! But I win!” Angela has been dominating the show before her shoulder injury last year and now she is #1 again. The last competition she won was the world championship 24 months ago. She won the World Cup 2004 – 2006.The best moment in 2009 prior to Arco, “was when I topped-out at my home gym in Imst in front of all my friends. The last three moves the spectators, were just crazy and to wave back at the top-jug is always special.” Picture by Torsten Wenzler1. A Eiter 2 Mina Markovic 3 Ja-In Kim1 Ramon Puigblanque 2 David Lama 3 Adam OndraBoulder: 1 Alizee Dufraisse 2 Chloe Grafitaux 3 Anna StöhrLong article at