For some reason, one of the summer´s major ascents managed to sneak us by… Anyways, in late July, Kilian Fischhuber grabbed the long awaited 3rd ascent of the full Unendliche Geschichte a.k.a The never ending story on the Bach bloc in the Averstal, Switzerland. The problem can be divided into two parts (~8A and ~8A+) but rather than a link-up, this is really the full problem, THE line. The F.A was made by Chris Sharma and the 2nd by Julius Westphal. Sharma didn´t want to give it a grade, but the climbing world (yes we played a part here) promptly gave it 8C, after gaving consulted a few of those who had failed to send it. Westphal didn´t find it quite so hard though and, consequently, suggested 8B+. What Killi thought? „Grading is much harder than no grading, especially in this case. I will try and say it is 8B+ bloc. I never did an 8B or harder before so I might not be the right one to ask. With routes I am more familiar and I would call it 8c+ but with clipping it would be tough! I think grades are interesting to know but they are not always essential. Especially when you want to grade a boulder it is just to give someone an idea about the difficulty. The real grade is different for every climber .“ Thanks Kilian! Kilian´s website