Apr 13: How Popular is UKClimbing.com? by Mick Ryan – UKClimbing.com We do have our own statistics as regards readership but we thought we would share some independent UKClimbing.com readership statistics with you. First off is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is rapidly becoming the industry standard for tracking all kinds of readership figures for websites and here at UKClimbing.com we like to keep an eye on them. This page HERE tells us that we average about 10,000 different people at UKClimbing.com each day, with peaks on Monday and Tuesdays and troughs at the weekend when most people are out climbing. The record for a day at UKClimbing.com is just short of 13,000 different people. This page HERE looks at the UKClimbing.com News page which has seen rapid growth in the last two years. Average is around 3,000 views a day with peaks of 5,000. Many switch on their computers in the morning and check the UKC news page and the BBC website, both are updated regularly. Then there is Alexa.com. www.Alexa.com tracks the numbers of readers who visit websites and how many pages they look at (page views) and ranks websites globally and nationally. For the record, readers at UKClimbing.com view around 6 million pages a month. What Alexa is good at though is comparing one website against another and here is a list of popular climbing and outdoor websites with their world rankings, and you can can check yourself, it makes interesting reading. 1. The most popular is 8a.nu with a traffic rank of: 87,227 2. Rockclimbing.com has a traffic rank of: 93,675 3. UKClimbing.com has a traffic rank of: 104,691 4. Climbing.com has a traffic rank of: 144,493 5. Planetmountain.com has a traffic rank of: 178,719 6. Supertopo.com has a traffic rank of: 202,997 7. Outdoorsmagic.com has a traffic rank of: 227,274 8. UKBouldering.com has a traffic rank of: 269,590 9. Alpinist.com has a traffic rank of: 324,548 10. Trail magazine: Livefortheoutdoors.com has a traffic rank of: 581,571 11. Rockandice.com has a traffic rank of:626,525 12. Thebmc.co.uk has a traffic rank of: 757,374 13. Rockfax.com has a traffic rank of: 925,283 14. Tgomagazine.co.uk has a traffic rank of: 1,959,029 15. Climbandmore.com has a traffic rank of: 2,009,938 16. Climbmagazine.com has a traffic rank of: 2,423,678 17. Climber.co.uk has a traffic rank of: 3,767,816 Yes, with web statistics it is all in the interpretation but thanks to you and all our contributors we think we are doing quite well. The UKClimbing.com forums certainly are a big draw, but the News page, Articles, Gear, Photo Galleries and Logbook pages actually get more individuals visiting them. New editorial content for March at UKClimbing.com is here.