Tim Emmett half way through the run-out. You can see the threads of Ghost Train below and his next gear above.UKC News, Jun 2010© Simon Wilson

Tim Emmett has climbed his mega project in Stennis Ford, Pembroke, South Wales.The route tackles the stunning and blank wall just left of the now classic trouser-filler Ghost Train (E6 6b).Tim has been working the route for some time and was filmed on it last year. The route features very hard physical climbing (mid F8's) with a similar sized run-out to Ghost Train (which is around F7a+/b), which will add up to a pretty hefty E grade, given a fall from the end of the run out could result in a ground/ground-sweeping fall from around 25m.Tim has only just returned from Scotland where he has been climbing and filming with Dave MacLeod in a Scottish sea cliff extravaganza.We hope to bring you the name, grade and more details in a full report soon.Tim has a blog at PlanetFear – check it out – no new details as of yet, but they will be coming soon.Tim Emmett is sponsored by Black Diamond, Scarpa, Mountain Hardware, Alpbase.com, Addidas eyewear, Yamgo. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf UKClimbing.com anschauen