Both Paul Robinson and Matt Wilder now say Secret splendour is not 8B, but rather 8A+. Says Robinson: “ I dont think it is 8B. Most people are considering soft 8A+ now. New beta has been found, def not 8B.“ Jamie Emerson reports: „Matt Wilder has done Secret Splendour 3rd go and said it is bottom end V12 (8A+). Wilder tried to flash the four move problem, and fell on the third move. He then did the upper moves first go (which he humbly counted as an attempt) and then did the problem second try from the start, saying that it was an entry level V12.Still an impressive flash from James Pearson, but not 8B.“ It seems we´ll have to wait some more for the first 8B flash, but like Emerson said, it´s still a very impressive flash!