by Mick Ryan Malcom Smith continues his quick ascents of the hard routes at the Anvil by Loch Goil (Scotland). First it was Dave Redpath´s Spitfire 8a+ andFire Power 8b (second ascent – probably 8b+); a second go repeat after narrowly missing the flash on Alan Cassidy´s Bloodfire 8a+ (second ascent – probably 8b). Then with Alan Cassidy they both repeated Dave MacCleod´s Bodyblow 8b+ confirming the grade. Then it was the turn of Bodyswerve, Dave MacLeod´s 8c. Reported at Scottish Climbs,Malcolm Smith has repeated Dave MacLeod´s Bodyswerve, confirming the 8c grade. Malc frustrated other hopeful repeat ascensionists by breaking a tiny fragment of the crux hold to make the route just that little bit harder. Fresh from his send Malc got psyched for some of the Anvil´s remaining hard projects. After a very quick worked session, all the moves came together on a bouldery line right of Shadowlands. The Smiddy was promptly dispatched to give Scotland another F8b+.“ Looks like he´s back on the brocolli. What´s next? Dave MacLeod´s Ring of Steall, 8c+ in Glen Nevis needs a repeat, as does MacLeod´s Metalcore 8c+ at the Anvil. Malcom Smith is sponsored by Scarpa. ( Source: Scottish Climbs )