Steve, moments after topping out Muy Caliente!, with his lucky charm?!UKC News, Sep 2010© Steve TownshendAs reported yesterday in the UKC News, Steve Townshend has repeated Muy Caliente! (E10) in Stennis Ford, Pembroke, South Wales.We now have photographs of Steve's successful ascent courtesy of Vic Ashton.Steve, who has climbed several F8c and F8c+ sport routes back home in Canada, has gone part time at work this year to concentrate more on his climbing.He was in Pembroke for just a few days and quickly dispatched what is likely the area's hardest route.You can read the full report on his ascent here: UKC NewsYou can read the original UKC News report on Tim Emmett's first ascent of Muy Caliente! here: UKC News

Steve Townshend cranking on the mono on the upper crux of Muy Caliente!, PembrokeUKC News, Sep 2010© Vic Ashton
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Steve Townshend on the redpoint crux move, right at the end of the difficulties on Muy Caliente!, PembrokeUKC News, Sep 2010© Vic Ashton
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David Lama (c) Manuel Ferrigato, Red Bull Content Pool

David Lama ist die Erstbegehung des Lunag Ri gelungen – und das auch noch im Alleingang! Am 25. Oktober 2018 stand der österreichische Extrembergsteiger als erster Mensch auf dem Gipfel des 6907 Meter hohen Himalaja-Riesen.