SAT NIGHT VIDEO: Birdman of the Karakoram!

Mountain Guide and Plas y Brenin instructor Stu McAleese introduces tonight's Saturday Night Video: Birdman of the Karakoram.John Sylvester and Al Hughes' journey takes them through Pakistan along the Karakoram highway and beyond, into the very heart of the Karakoram mountains. The movie involves the travel, the villages and their people and the special environment surrounding them. John is in his element, both meeting old friends on the mountain and admiring the stunning peaks he flies through.Tense and gripping moments combined with magical backdropsStu McAleeseThe film allows you to see the mountains as John and Al have seen them, a birds-eye view, a true feeling that you are actually there with them. It is cutting-edge stuff and John's enthusiasm and drive is inspirational. His ability to hold it together and pilot them both to safety is outstanding. The transition from civilisation to miles high in the middle of the Karakoram mountains is so dynamic and in no time John is up there flying new ground with total commitment.John embraces ground breaking flying with the concept of flying new routes, as a climber and mountaineer would climb a new route. John is flying where no one has been before. As a climber I can associate with this. John is taking extreme flying to new levels and has the vision to take it further.As a mountaineer with little knowledge of paragliding, other than being amazed by seeing them fly above me, I was inspired by this film and the level of adventure involved. I can't even begin to imagine the skill and technique required to perform at extreme altitude flying.VIDEO: Birdman of the KarakoramThe DVD is available in Oct from Alhughes.tvThe music and editing of this film was done by Ray Saunders of 2rays productions. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen