Martin Keller reports: Last week, over two years after a broken shoulder a following operation and uncounted physiotherapy sessions, resulting from a bad fall forcing him to stop climbing over one year, Reto Aschwanden from Winterthur (CH), made the first ascent of Somebody is perfect, 8c/c+, at Buers (AT). Already last December he showed his upcoming form, climbing a long-standing project from Edwin Good at Brüggler-Ueberhaenge(CH), called it Just in time, 8b+. Actually the new route is an extension& of an existing 8c called Nobody is perfect he managed to climb three years ago. He now addeda sit-start through a 70° roof to this route creating Somebody… The new route is about 45m long, 20m overhanging and offers wonderful power-climbing on good holds but with only one acceptablerestpoint in the middle. The first part is a solid 8b+ to a strenuous restpoint followed by the second part, an easy 8b with long, dynamic moves far above the last bolts and no useful restpoints either. He thinks that this route is definitely harder then the existing 8c, and everything else he has climbed so far for example; Guerre d´usure, 8c, at Claret), probably Somebody… is 8c+,but this is up to potential repeaters.