The Gogarth Wiki… Sounds like some sort of initiation chant climbers do at the South Stack car park? Close but no cigar. A Wiki is a relatively new concept in web technology. It´s basically a site that any registered user can add to or update. Wikipedia has quickly become the foremost Wiki on the web, with entries for virtually anything and everything under the sun. The principle is that enough people contribute to a Wiki site then by consensus of opinion the best, most accurate and useful information will triumph over that which is bogus or simply out of date.What´s this got to do with Gogarth? Well an anonymous person has recently set up a Wiki dedicated to the magnificent venue. This represents a major step forward in online guidebooks, and will surely prove to be an indispensable definitive repository of information for future Gogarth guidebook producers, Ground Up Productions (North Wales Rock 2007). The site currently has around 200 new routes, plus a growing number of route descriptions from a variety of sources. The webpage is there for everyone to use and contribute to free, all you need to do is register. Rockfax have long encouraged users of their website to visit and give feedback on routes in the database, but the Gogarth Wiki represents a major step forward in that it allows users to actually influence the ´database´.Check it out here.