VIDEO: Grit Flick Grit Quiz….Ten Prizes… £600!

Lucy Creamer: Slab and Crack from Grit Flickfrom Alastair LeeJavaScript must be enabled in your browser to play this videoAlastair Lee's new film Grit Flick is now available (read my opinion of it here The Gritstone Myth Deconstructed ? Grit Flick) and we have got together with the film's presenters, Marmot, the climbing equipment manufacturer DMM, Rockfax guidebooks, and Alastair of course, and have put together ten Gritstone goody bags that each contain a copy of the DVD Grit Flick, a Marmot Spike beanie, a DMM Torgue Nut (see the UKC review: Torque Nuts from DMM ) and two Rockfax Gritstone Pokketz guidebooks.Total value of each Gritstone goody bag is £60!


Competition now closed. All you had to do is finish the sentence, Gritstone is………..Alan will decide the winners and he will then send me to the post office to despatch the Gritstone goody bags.Alan James, Director of and Rockfax, packing up the gritstone goody bagsA big thanks to Martin Panton at Marmot, Chris Rowlands and Simon Marsh at DMM, Rockfax guidebooks and of course Alastair.And if you don't win, you can buy Grit Flick at www.posingproductions.comEven Bigger PrizesAnd don't forget our ongoing competition: 2,000 worth of prizes from Marmot and Glenmore Lodge Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen