Now that we both live in Sheffield, 'The Peak' is our local climbing area, meaning we were able to get out loads over the Grit season. This video showing a selection of what we got up to.

Problems in order of appearance:
Jumpers For Trousers 7C+
Cock O Doodle Doo 7C
Heroes 7A+
Rambeau 7B
Hippocampus 7C
Help The Young 7A+
The Sausage King Of Meersbrook 7C
Who Needs Ready Brek? 7C
Tetris 7B+
Snellen 7A+
Mallard 7A+
Buttery Biscuit Basic 7B+
Green Knight 7C
The Line Sit 7C
Fish Finger Kid 7C+
The Grande Potato 7A+
La Poo Assis 7C
Boyager 7A+
Striker LH 7A+
Zaff Skoczylas 7B+
Rocket Man 7B+
Famous Grouse 7B+
Just Walkin‘ 7A
Poundland 7C
Brad Pit 7C
Black Asteroid 7C+
The Golden Path 7C
Pigs Make Nests Sit 7C+
Electrical Storm 7B
Gibbering Wreck 7B
The Fink 7A+
Stall Sit 7C
Mossatrocity 7C
Hurricane 7C
Huffy’s Roof 7C
Mansize 7C
Proper Gander 7C
Simbas Pride E8

Music in order of appearance:
Ryan Little – Tell Tale
Ark Patrol – Curious (ft. Victoria Zaro)
L’Orange – Sometimes I Feel (feat. Kool Keith)
Joywave – Destruction
Joint’u – Instrumental 9
Kristy June – Fool Me Twice
Naomi Pilgrim – No Gun
Marco Polo feat. Saga – Think Of You Now
Ryan Little – Fractures
CUT_ – Undertow
Molly Moore – Imaginary Friends (Pluto Remix)
Ryan Little – Ting Tings
Stephen – Crossfire, Part II (Feat. Talib Kweli & KillaGraham)
ATTENTION / ANNA MUELLER – Underwater Wedding
Faze Miyake – Gunpowder