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8c+ by Roland Hemetzberger (20)

Roland Hemetzberger has done the 35m long Reality Check, 8c+ in Schleier wasserfall in a few tries. It was a project since 1993 before...

8B+ by Nigel Callender

Nigel Callender reports that he has done the fifth ascent of Malcom Smith´s Monk Life, 8B+ at Kyloe. Vimeo video

8c+ by Dani Lopez (42)

Dani Lopez has done Espacio-Oceano, 8c+ in Sella and the 42-year-old is #4 in the Old Boys ranking game.

8A+ (B) by Conny Matthes

Conny Matthes has done Sea Of Green, 8A+ (B) in Frankenjura. The last week she has also done one 8A and two 7C+´s.

9a by Daniel Fuertes

Daniel Fuertes has done Monster, 9a in Alquezar and in total he has recorded 554 ascents in the 8a data base.

8b by Heather Robinson

Heather Robinson has done Power Windows, 8b in Mt Potasi. "First of the grade, so happy! True power endurance climbing, big moves and steep!...

8A by Conny Matthes again

Conny Matthes has done Open the time, 8A in Frankenjura which was her fifth 8A or harder the last year.

8c+ by Diego Marsella (39)

Diego Marsella has done Blomu, 8c+ in Santa Linya, making it three 8c+ the last year.

8B+ again by Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb has done Midnight Express, 8B+ in Boulder Canyon and he is #4 in the ranking game.2 from Boulder Canyon, CO from Jimmy...

8A by Dufraisse and La Neve

AlizÃe Dufraisse and Melissa La Neve have done Beefy Gecko, 8A in Bishop. During the three week trip to USA, Alizee has previuosly done...



Kilian Jornet besteigt den Mount Everest in Rekordzeit (c) Kilian Jornet, SUUNTO

SUUNTO Botschafter Kilian Jornet erreichte am Abend des 21. Mai 2017 den Gipfel des Mount Everest in einem durchgängigen Aufstieg ohne Stopps in anderen Base Camps und ohne Hilfsmittel wie zusätzlichen Sauerstoff oder Fixseile. Der Mount Everest war der letzte Berg seines "Summits of My Life"-Projekts, das er 2012 startete.