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Rooftown Vol 2 featuring Matt Gentile (c) FrictionLabs

[VIDEO] Rooftown Vol 2 featuring Matt Gentile

FrictionLabs Pro Matt Gentile is back in action roaming the unexplored badlands of Flagstaff, AZ. With climbing filmmaker Nathaniel Davison in tow the duo showcase some of the most progressive first ascents in The West!
Rooftown Vol 1 featuring Matt Gentile (c) FrictionLabs

[VIDEO] Rooftown Vol 1 featuring Matt Gentile

In the hinterlands of Flagstaff, AZ lie untouched Limestone and Sandstone boulders straight out of a climber's day dream. Join FrictionLabs Pro Matt Gentile as he transforms this dreamscape from imagination into reality.
Live. Climb. Repeat. with Nalle Hukkataival (c) Black Diamond Equipment

[VIDEO] Live. Climb. Repeat. with Nalle Hukkataival

BD Athlete Nalle Hukkatiaval is driven by first ascents. For him, the moment of actually climbing a boulder problem is secondary—a mere 10%—compared to the hard work of actually unearthing the line.
Bernd Zangerl on 'Il Colonel Sit Start' (8A+) (c) Bernd Zangerl

[VIDEO] Bernd Zangerl on „Il Colonel Sit Start“ (8A+)

Bernd Zangerl has been visiting the italian Val Di Orco in the Region of Piemont for many years. He fell in love with this beautiful wild alpine valley and the local people living there.
Chris Sharma on 'Super Blood Wolf Moon' (c) Sharma Channel

[VIDEO] Chris Sharma on „Super Blood Wolf Moon“

Great day out in cova de ocell. Most days you come up empty handed so it’s important to enjoy the fleeting moments when things come together.
Jake’s journey to complete 'The Wheel Of Life' (V15) (c) rumblr.

[VIDEO] Jake’s journey to complete „The Wheel Of Life“ (V15)

In this film, Jake explores the highs and lows of his journey to complete "The Wheel of Life" and the importance of commitment and dedication when chasing your goals.
Ethan Pringle on 'The Nest' (V15) (c) Mad Rock

[VIDEO] Ethan Pringle on ‚The Nest‘ (V15)

More than 50 days of effort, hundreds of miles of hiking, hundreds of hours spent at this boulder, thousands of tries, and it was all over in a minute. Ethan Pringle hadd finally had the experience he was looking for.
Katrin Lehmann wiederholt 'Kryptos' (8C) (c) Michael Steimle

Katrin Lehmann wiederholt „Kryptos“ (8C)

Nach einer einjährigen Projektierungs- und Trainingsphase gelang Kaddi der Boulder "Kryptos" am Morchelstock im Schweizer Balsthal. Kryptos wurde 2009 von Franz Widmer erstbegangen und im selben Jahr von Black Diamond Athlet und Boulderlegende Fred Nicole wiederholt.
Nalle Hukkataival in Rocklands - The Realm (c) Kevin Takashi Smith

[VIDEO] Nalle Hukkataival in Rocklands – The Realm

Nalle Hukkataival has been in South Africa developing a new bouldering area called The Realm, found in the Bideouw Valley near Rocklands.
Jernej Kruder on 'Catalan Witness the Fitness' (FB 8C) (c) Jernej Kruder

[VIDEO] Jernej Kruder on „Catalan Witness the Fitness“ (FB 8C)

Jernej Kruder sends Chris Sharma's test piece "Catalan witness the fitness" 8c in Cova del ocell, Spain.
Twenty-Year-Long 8b+ Boulder Problem Finally Climbed (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Twenty-Year-Long 8b+ Boulder Problem Finally Climbed

After twenty years, this unclimbed problem, The Rail, Font 8b+ has been worked, worked again and finally has a first ascent from Dan Varian. 'The Rail' at Bowden Doors, Northumberland had been a project for over twenty years.
Battling To Climb 'Immortel' On Reunion Island (c) Davie Soul

[VIDEO] Battling To Climb ‚Immortel‘ On Reunion Island

Alban Levier made the first ascent of Immortel 7C/V9 back in 2016, and now he's back with a new team and a new tour of the best rock climbing spots on the island. First up, back to Immortel to try and repeat Alban's route, a crimpy, technical highball which will require all their determination and fight to try and solve the problem.
Wild Lines: Fontainebleau (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Wild Lines: Fontainebleau

Three of the strongest climbers in the U.K, Dave Barrans, Matt Cousins and Nathan Phillips head to the magical bouldering forest of Fontainebleau in France. Their mission? Take on some of the hardest boulders in the forest, push each other to the limits and eat lots of cheese. Simple.
ROCKLANDS - Bouldering on Orange Sandstone | South Africa 2017 (c) BlocBusters

[VIDEO] ROCKLANDS – Bouldering on Orange Sandstone | South Africa 2017

Currently nearly every climber went to Rocklands (Alexander Megos, Nalle Hukkataival, Dave Graham, ...). We've already been there a few months ago to enjoy some awesome weeks bouldering on orange sandstone.
Highballs in Petrohrad (c) Petrohradské Padání

[VIDEO] Highballs in Petrohrad

Da viele Leute aus Deutschland ins tschechische Petrohrad zum Bouldern kommen, hat mich der Local Petr Resch auf einen Film über Highballs in diesem Bouldergebiet aufmerksam gemacht.
Anna Stöhr & Jule Wurm - Lost in Japan (c) Mammut

[VIDEO] Anna Stöhr & Jule Wurm – Lost in Japan

Angefangen hat der Trip nach Japan auf ungewöhnliche Art und Weise, nämlich per WhatsApp. Anna Stöhr hat Jule Wurm in einer Textnachricht gefragt, wie es ihr geht und ob sie Lust hat zum Bouldern nach Japan zu fahren. Nach einem Blick in ihren Terminkalender hat Jule schnell eine Zusage gemacht.
Nalle Hukkataival on 'The Finnish Line' (V16) (c) Black Diamond Equipment

[VIDEO] Nalle Hukkataival on „The Finnish Line“ (V16)

"A gem rarer than diamonds." That's how BD Athlete Nalle Hukkataival describes The Finnish Line (V16). Sitting untouched for years within a mecca for bouldering, Nalle's latest testpiece has it all-aesthetics, difficulty and a beautiful setting. Plus, it's now a contender for Rocklands' hardest boulder problem.
A Day at The Sassies (c) One Man One Dog Pictures

[VIDEO] A Day at The Sassies

Dru Mack climbs at The Sassies for the first time. "Paula Abdul" v10, "Pinotage sit" v10, "Splash of Red" v10 and "Ghost in the Darkness" v10.
Bernd Zangerl - 'Into The Sun' (c) Ray Demski

[VIDEO] Bernd Zangerl – „Into The Sun“

489 days after falling from a boulder Bernd Zangerl returns to high level climbing with his first ascent of "Into the Sun". A film by Ray Demski - raydemski.com.
Thomas Lindninger in 'Zerberus' (8B) (c) 45degrees

[VIDEO] Thomas Lindninger in „Zerberus“ (8B)

20 years ago Werner Thon made a remarkable first ascent of "Zerberus". Back then he graded it fb 8B+ and reached a new level of bouldering in Germany. Although it got downgraded to fb 8B later, it's still a testpiece for most and for sure one of the best boulder problems in the Frankenjura.
One Winter In The Peak (c) LawsonBetaProductions

[VIDEO] One Winter In The Peak

Now that we both live in Sheffield, 'The Peak' is our local climbing area, meaning we were able to get out loads over the Grit season. This video showing a selection of what we got up to.
Alex Puccio making quick work of 'Evil Backwards' (V13) (c) FrictionLabs

[VIDEO] Alex Puccio making quick work of „Evil Backwards“ (V13)

Pop quiz. What does FrictionLabs Pro Alex Puccio do on the reg? Top out boulders! ;) Here's another! Evil Backwards, V13. Lincoln Lake, CO. Video: Joel Zerr. Alex's favorite blend? Secret Stuff + Gorilla Grip.

[VIDEO] Dreamtime | The Classics | Boulder EP#3

Der grösste Paukenschlag seit Midnight Lightning: Fred Nicoles Dreamtime in Cresciano war nicht nur die erste 8C, sondern die Initialzündung für den Boulderboom im Tessin und weltweit.
The Mission - Torridon Bouldering (c) Eadan Cunningham

[VIDEO] The Mission – Torridon Bouldering

Torridon is situated in the North West of Scotland and is home to some of the best bouldering in Britain! This winter season we focused mainly on trying to climb the classics and a few harder problems and this is what happened...
Pirmin Bertle in 'Murcielago' (8B), Argentinien (c) Pirmin Bertle

[VIDEO] Pirmin Bertle in „Murcielago“ (8B), Argentinien

At the foot of the Altiplano in northern Argentina lies the wide and sandstone covered valley of Brealito at 2500m of altitude. The place is as calm and beautiful as it can be and there are some thousands of boulders to open (and to brush).


Alexander Huber: Eine Reise in die Wüste (c) Archiv Alexander Huber

Alexander Huber: Eine Reise in die Wüste

Alexander Huber war zusammen mit Guido Unterwurzacher, Jakob Oberhauser und Read McAdam im Oman unterwegs, um in der weltberühmten Höhle Maljis al Jinn zu klettern.


SPOC Umlenkrolle mit integrierter Rücklaufsperre (c) EDELRID

Produktvorstellung: SPOC Umlenkrolle von EDELRID

Leicht, kompakt und vielseitig: die Umlenkrolle von EDELRID mit integrierter Rücklaufsperre.


On Top Klettern

Konstrukteur für Kletteranlagen (m/w/d) und Montagehelfer (m/w/d) bei On Top Klettern...

Die Firma On Top Klettern GmbH gehört zu den Pionieren im Kletterwandbau in Europa. Seit über 20 Jahren entwickelt und fertigt die Firma spezielle Kletterwände, Boulderwände, Klettertürme und Klettergriffe für Freizeit, Sport, Spiel & Therapie.