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New Beginnings - Bouldering in the Rocklands of South Africa, 2016 (c) Derw Fineron

Derw Fineron is psyched to share his first bouldering video from his time out in Rocklands, South Africa. This was one of the best periods in his life with amazing climbing and people!

Lost it to trying (c) Highball Productions

A short bouldering flick from Rocklands with brits; Dan Turner, Will Buck, Greg Courtney and James Noble. Some classics and some lesser known problems ranging from 7B to 8B.

Bouldern auf Gran Canaria (c) Vertical-Axis

Um dem Winter in Deutschland zu entfliehen, ging es Ende Dezember für 6 Wochen nach Gran Canaria, um die Bouldermöglichkeiten der Insel zu erkunden. Im Moment gibt es nur wenige Infos über die Gebiete und so war es für uns eine Fahrt ins Blaue. Quasi.

Sacred Lands: A Story of Bouldering in Indian Creek (c) Nathaniel Davison

In winter/spring of 2016 Nathaniel Davison had the chance to visit Indian Creek, Utah along with his good buds Wes Walker, Connor Griffith, and Carlo Traversi. They had seen the glorious boulders that Chris Schulte had been putting up for the past few seasons and thought they should check it out for themselves. Here is their tale.

Dave MacLeod in "Practice of the Wild" (8c) (c) Mountain Equipment

Dave MacLeod was first inspired to visit Magic Wood in 2012 after watching footage of Tyler Landman doing the second ascent of Practice of the Wild. At Font 8c it is one the hardest boulder problems in the world and on Dave’s first visit it proved to be just beyond him.

J'aime Fontainebleau (Part 1) (c) MAD Productions

2 part film about a trip to Fontainebleau. Showing a range of grades from 6a to 8a+. In the first week the climbers took their housemate Lauren for a few days who has never climbed before and she met some interesting people along the way...

Highballin' In Swaziland With Jimmy Webb And Nalle Hukkataival (c) EpicTV

After discovering the first major bouldering venue in Swaziland, Nalle and Jimmy go after the most striking and obvious lines in the country. They find a crag that's close to the clouds, with giant hard problems.

Daniel Woods Makes Room For A New Boulder Hunter In The Colorado Woods (c) EpicTV

Boulder, Colorado, is a sacred place for rock climbers. Whether you're an artistic 'dirtbag' living paycheck to paycheck, or one of the world's premiere boulderers, the Rocky Mountains provide the necessary ingredients for every climber to experience their passion and challenge their limits.

Pirmin Bertle On One of Latin Americas Hardest Boulderproblems (c) Pirmin Bertle

Pirmin Bertle wanted to leave El Chalten to visit Puerto Natales for only some days, but then he found this line. Never had he seen rock like this before, never had made moves like this. Never in a spot like this.

Das Video von André Behr ist ein Zusammenschnitt von fränkischen Boulderaktivitäten der letzten zwei Jahre. Der Charakter der gefilmten Boulder reicht hierbei von athletischer Dachkletterei bis zu "Mikrogriff Drescherei".



Leadweltcup 2017 in Kranj: Jakob Schubert feiert 18. Weltcupsieg (c) Shinta Ozawa

Am 11. und 12.11.17 stand das Saisonfinale im Lead Weltcup 2017 in Kranj (SLO) an. Jakob Schubert dominierte den ganzen Bewerb und gewann souverän jede Runde. Im Finale kletterte er als einziger zum Top und sicherte sich so den Sieg. Es war sein 18. Weltcupsieg.