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[VIDEO] Africa Fusion Official HD Trailer

Alex Honnold and Hazel Findlay head to South Africa for an experience of a life time. Africa Fusion takes us from the breathtaking red rock and vast landscape of Namibia, across the desert and down to lush Waterval Boven in South Africa. Carrying on the journey in South Africa we follow Alex and Hazel North to the wild and remote Blouberg (Blue Mountain) range.

[VIDEO] Steph Davis: Crazy Beautiful Thing

PrAna Ambassador Steph Davis shares her search for connection and perfection on the sandstone cliffs of Moab, Utah. Steph Davis has been pushing the limits of climbing for 18 years, cross discipline. She is known for her free ascents of El Capitan, for climbing hard cracks in the Moab desert, for free soloing long and committing routes, and for first ascents in South America, the Karakorum and the Arctic. Steph is also an avid BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot. She has made hundreds of jumps, including combining free soloing with BASE. Aside from climbing and jumping, Steph loves running, skate skiing, gardening, cooking and writing. She is a prolific blogger and a vocal supporter of veganism, animal welfare and simple living. Steph prefers climbing areas that are good for dogs.

Als der 13jährige Mammut Athlet Mirko Caballero im Frühjahr 2014 "Grand Illusion" kletterte, da wurde er bis an seine Grenze gefordert. Er sagt selbst, dass er die Sicherungen vorher legen musste, denn da er den gesamten Riss piazte, blieb keine Hand zum Legen frei. Mit Legen aller Sicherungen von unten während des Durchstiegs wurde "Grand Illusion" erst zweimal geklettert - vom Japaner Hidetaka Suzuki und vom Kalifornier Tommy Caldwell, eine OnSight Begehung hat es bis heute - 35 Jahre nach der Erstbegehung - immer noch nicht gegeben. "Grand Illusion" ist zwar harte Wirklichkeit geworden - für die meisten Kletterer wird sie immer eine große Illusion bleiben.

Reclimbing the Classics: "Grand Illusion" (5.13c)

Der Zuckerhut steht nicht nur in Rio, und hohe Tannen gibt es nicht nur im Schwarzwald. California, "gods own land", hat beides - und zwar am Lake Tahoe. Dort sieht es aus wie im Hochschwarzwald, und einen Zuckerhut gibt es auch - nur heißt dieser Zuckerhut "Sugar Loaf", ist ein etwa 100 Meter hoher Granitzapfen zwischen hohen Tannen über einem malerischen See, und es gibt dort "Die große Illusion" zu finden.

Jacopo Larcher climbs "Prinzip Hoffnung" [ 8b/8b+ E9/E10 ]

Bürser Platte, Voralberg, Austria: Jacopo Larcher has made the third ascent of Beat Kammerlander "Prinzip Hoffnung" (8b/+). Beat bolted it in 1997, but in 2009, at the age of 50, he decided to remove the bolts and climb it with trad gear: he made it one of the hardest trad route in the world.

[VIDEO] Wide Boyz II - Slender Gentleman (Trailer)

After their success climbing the world's hardest offwidth, the Wide Boyz, Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall, embark on their next crack climbing mission. This time their sights are set on the thinner end of the crack climbing spectrum. Their goal is the mighty Cobra Crack in Squamish BC, considered to be the hardest finger crack in the world. First climbed by Canadian 'rock star' Sonnie Trotter after battling it out with Didier Berthod, the route hit the media spotlight in the film First Ascent.

[VIDEO] Crazy Move on Hard Grit E9 First Ascent

Committed Volume II showcases five of Britain's best climbers on a spectacular array of hard routes; the terrifying Walk of Life, one of Scotland's toughest winter routes; gritstone's best "last great problem", the youngest female ascent of an E7 and the world's maddest mantel; it's all here.

[VIDEO] These Climbers Are Terrified and You'll Be Terrified for Them

Gritstone, known to scientists as siliceous sandstone and to its British climbing devotees as 'God's own rock' is fiendishly difficult to climb. It requires a special, extremely esoteric style that relies on good friction as well as a strong stomach for long run-outs, terrible protection, and horrendous falls. There's a reason they call a proclivity for this sort of climbing 'grit madness'.

[VIDEO] Sarah Watson: Humbled By Yosemite

prAna climber Sarah Watson shares her personal journey from falling in love with climbing, to having it all go away due to illness and injury, to coming back with a new appreciation for the simple things she took for granted. Her video, shot in the awe inspiring Yosemite Valley, shares some wonderful lessons that we can all relate to.

[VIDEO] Marmot's Lead Now Tour - Stop 3 - Italy

Italy marks stop #3 of Marmot's Lead Now Tour (, a global tour to inspire people through rock climbing and raise $10,000 a month for twelve different non-profit organizations. While in Italy, professional rock climber Paige Claassen raises awareness and money for Save the Children by making the second ascent of Art Attack, an 8c/5.14b slab in the Alps. Learn about the diversity of granite climbing in Italy, the projecting process, and Save the Children's work around the world in Episode #3 - Italy.



Jakob Schubert ist Kombinations-Weltmeister 2018 (c) Johann Groder

Jakob Schubert gelang der perfekte Abschluss der Heim-WM in Innsbruck. Er kürte sich zum ersten Kombinationsweltmeister. Außerdem ist er der erste Österreicher, der in zwei Disziplinen Weltmeister wird.