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Hazel Findlay: Dealing With Recovery And The Mental Struggle Of Injury (c) EpicTV

It's been a tough year for Hazel Findlay, recovering from shoulder surgery and dealing with the frustration and impatience that goes with serious rehabilitation. Hazel spent most of her winter in Siurana, Spain, sport climbing and getting her shoulder back to strength.

Adam Ondra Attempts The World's First 9a+ Flash (c) EpicTV

Adam Ondra came to Spain with two things in his mind; The world's first 9a+ flash on Seleccion Anal, and a second encounter with Chris Sharma's 9b Stoking The Fire. Adam has been training hard for the last two years, and he's keen to see if his impressive competition form translates to the outdoors.

Jonathan Siegrist Immersed In Catalonia's "Power Inverter" (9a+) (c) EpicTV

Fresh from the success of completing La Rambla, EpicTV Shop athlete Jonathan Siegrist moves onto a new challenge: "Power Inverter". Nestled in amongst the stunning scenery of Oliana in Catalonia, Spain, Jonathan finds himself getting a bit introspective in the quest to complete one of his hardest projects yet.

Yuji Hirayama, James Pearson And Caroline Ciavaldini Roadtrippin' And Deep-Water Soloing In France (c) EpicTV

The south of France: the place to go for warm weather, Mediterranean tranquillity, wine, cheese and great climbing. Japanese climber, Yuji Hirayama, spent seven years in France as a child and in Episode One of Wine Dine Climb, he returns with fellow climbers, James Pearson and his wife, French climber Caroline Ciavaldini.

Edu Marin Takes Down Spain's Hardest Multi-Pitch With His Dad (c) EpicTV

In the first episode of The Marins' Alps Project, sport climber Edu Marin and his legendary father Francesco 'Novato' Marin set off on their summer road trip through Europe, embarking on one of the hardest routes of the journey: Orbayu.

82 Summits In 62 Days: Ueli Steck Tests His Endurance In The Alps (Part 1) (c) EpicTV

Ueli Steck has been climbing for over 20 years and in that time he has become one of the most renowned and respected athletes of his generation. In an age of fast and light alpinism, Ueli Steck has driven the sport to new heights with revolutionary ascents all over the world.

Training With Adam Ondra (Part 2) (c) EpicTV

Passion, true passion, means still loving what you do even when it gets painful, even when it pushes you to the edge of your ability. And that passion is at the core of Adam Ondra's relationship with climbing and although he's now heading into the Kotelna Gym for his third training session of the day, for the seventh day in a row, he doesn't lack for motivation.

Training With Adam Ondra (Part 1) (c) EpicTV

Athletes like Adam Ondra aren't simply born, they're made. And as we're about to discover, the making takes time, dedication and more than a dash of masochism. Adam has dedicated himself to pushing the sport of climbing further than it ever has been before.

First Free Ascent in Yosemite, The Liberty Project (Cedar Wright Climbing Reels, Ep. 3) (c) EpicTV

After his friend Lucho Rivera was hit by a falling rock which broke his collarbone, Cedar and Lucho returned to Yosemite Valley to rock climb the first free ascent of The Liberty Project.

Climbing Yosemite, Time Lapse MONTAGE (Cedar Wright Climbing Reels, Ep. 2) (c) EpicTV

If you've never been to Yosemite, and even if you have, this time lapse video is going to make you wish you were there NOW (unless you're afraid of bears - my gawd there are big bears there).



David Lama (c) Manuel Ferrigato, Red Bull Content Pool

David Lama ist die Erstbegehung des Lunag Ri gelungen – und das auch noch im Alleingang! Am 25. Oktober 2018 stand der österreichische Extrembergsteiger als erster Mensch auf dem Gipfel des 6907 Meter hohen Himalaja-Riesen.