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Free Solo

Heinz Zak free solo in 'Separate Reality' (5.11d) (c) Heinz Zak

19 Jahre nachdem Heinz Zak Wolfgang Güllich bei der ersten seilfreien Begehung der Kultroute "Separate Reality" im Yosemite Valley fotografiert hat, gelingt Heinz Zak die zweite Freesolo-Begehung.

Dani Arnold (c) Jacques Vouilloz

Der Extrembergsteiger und Mammut Pro Team Athlet Dani Arnold hat den langen Sommer genutzt und zwei Mehrseillängen-Routen in der Schweiz und in Italien free solo geklettert - in Rekordzeiten.

Jah Man Free Solo Base Climb by Steph Davis (c) steph davis

Climb to fly! This was probably the first (& second & third) free solo base climb of this tower, but who really knows - the lizards, spiders and canyon wrens are a lot more amazing than we are.

Can Anyone Survive an E10 Solo Fall? (c) Posing Productions

A great throwback clip from the film 'Stone Free'. Climber, Julian Lines decided he wanted to solo the intimidating E9/E10 7a climb 'Hold Fast, Hold True' in Scotland, Glen Nevis. His first attempt at the route nearly ended in disaster when he slipped and fell from 30-feet up.

The Sufferfest with Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright (Full Movie) (c) EpicTV

You've seen Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright's incredible cycling journey to climb all of California's 14,000ft peaks in installments on EpicTV. Now, for the first time ever, watch the full movie in all its wretched glory.

Alex Honnold's Birthday Challenge Outtakes (c) The RV Project

There was the EpicTV version and now we present the RV Project version of what was, for all involved, a very fun day. Well, Alex probably enjoyed some of it anyway. The rest of us had a blast.

Alex Honnold solos a year's worth of climbing in 16 hours (c) EpicTV

Squamish, BC. World-famous climber Alex Honnold celebrates his 29th birthday by doing the thing he loves most: climbing. Most climbers would settle for a numerically appropriate 29 routes to celebrate their 29th birthday, but not Alex.

[VIDEO] Dean Potter free solo in "Heaven" (5.12d)

In 2006, Dean Potter made the first ever free solo ascent of Ron Kauk's amazing route Heaven (5.12d/5.13a) on Glacier Point Apron in Yosemite. Filmed by Brad Lynch and Eric Perlman. Produced by Dean Potter. For more of Potter's incredible Yosemite feats, watch the feature documentary, Valley Uprising.

[VIDEO] Alex Honnold free solo in "Heaven" (5.12d)

Zugegeben - es handelt sich um eine Werbung für Squarespace, aber dafür ist es mal wenigstens eine richtig gute Werbung. Alex Honnold, der beste Free Solo Kletterer den die Welt bislang gesehen hat, klettert ohne Seil und doppelten Boden die Route "Heaven" (5.12d) im Yosemite Valley, die Ron Kauk in den 90er Jahren erstbegehen konnte. Gleiches gelang übrigens auch schon vor fast 10 Jahren seinem Landsmann Dean Potter...

[VIDEO] When the work is done: Soloing in Stanage

To some the grit is a winters day huddled around in down jackets working on a rubix cube, to others it's a summers day ticking off classic routes or seeking out obscure ones. To me it's rushing back from work and out of breath jumping in a mates car, bouncing down ringinglow road watching the trappings of city life fade away building by building, the sun looks low but you know you'll get a couple in before time is called.



Freie Begehung der Muir Wall am El Capitan (c) Silvan Schüpbach, Dimitri Vogt

Vom 25. - 30.4.17 konnten Silvan Schüpbach und Dimitri Vogt die Route Muir Wall freiklettern. Während 6 Tagen in der 1000m hohen Wand des El Capitans, kletterten die beiden Schweizer alle 33 Seillängen bis 5.13c (8a+) frei.