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Melloblocco 2016 - Final day: The need to climb (c) Open Circle

The 13th edition of Melloblocco, the world's biggest bouldering and climbing meeting, came to a close today in Val Masino - Val di Mello, Italy. 2800 registered climbers underline the success of the event which has no other equals in the climbing world.

Melloblocco 2016 - Day 3: Climbing Karma (c) Open Circle

Third day of Melloblocco 2016: the game of climbing continues in Val Masino, marked by beauty and the Mello Karma. A staggering 2500 climbers have already registered for the biggest international bouldering competition in the world!

Melloblocco 2016 - Day 2: Social climbing (c) Open Circle

We are Melloblocco 2016. The sun's still out and everything is twinkling up in the valley, even the Melloblockers eyes. It's strange… so much goodness that it's almost hard to believe. You'd think: thanks, but really this is all too much.

Smart Climbing Festival: Melloblocco 2016 (c) Vertical-Life

Das diesjährige Melloblocco Kletterfestival (5.-8. Mai) bietet etwas ganz Besonderes: Über die Vertical-life App können gekletterte Boulder markiert und Resultate aller Teilnehmer in Echtzeit verfolgt werden.

Melloblocco 2015: Eine Zusammenfassung (c) Open Circle

Die 12. Ausgabe des Melloblocco Boulder Meetings in Val Masino, Val di Mello (Italien) ging am vergangenen Wochenende wie gewohnt teils nass und teils sonnig über die Bühne.

Zlagboard contest 2015 @ Melloblocco (c) Vertical Life

Im Video ist auch der Weltrekord-Versuch von Ramón Julián Puigblanque zu sehen, der dann seinen eigenen Rekord aber nicht brechen konnte, sondern "nur" eine Melloblocco-Bestzeit von 2:22.16 aufgestellt hat.

Janja Garnbret climbing "La Volpe a 9 Code" (c) Open Circle

The 12th edition of Melloblocco drew to a close today in Val Masino and Val di Mello, Italy. This is the biggest climbing and bouldering meeting in the world and confirmation came from the 2,500 registered participants representing 25 nations.

Melloblocco 2015: Day 3, solar energy climbing (c) Open Circle

The sun’s energy has heated up the third and penultimate day of Melloblocco that was marked by total climbing. 2400 climbers have registered, a number that confirms that this event in Val Masino is the biggest climbing and bouldering meeting in the world.

Melloblocco 2015: Day two, a somewhat particular feeling (c) Open Circle

After a great first day at Melloblocco, the 1st of May promises to be marked by passion and the waiting game. 1500 have already reached Val di Mello and many more are on their way.

Melloblocco 2015 - The Eve Of The Twelfth Edition (c) Open Circle

It’s time for Melloblocco, time for the most important bouldering meeting in the world. Four days - from 30 April to 3 May 2015 - that for the past 12 years have united thousands of climbers and nature lovers in Italy’s Val di Mello and Val Masino.