Huber Brothers and Siegrist – Antarctic Adventure

The Huber Brothers Alexander and Thomas, and Stephen Siegrist have made three major first ascents in Antarctica.Climbing in theQueen Maud Land area, the team accompanied by cameramanMax Reichel, first climbed a very difficult new route onthe 750m high west face of Holtanna, creating Ice Age (24 pitches, E2, A4). Initial thoughts of free climbing the route were dashed due to extremely low temperatures.The team encountered an average temperature of -30°c, however this dropped to -50°c at some points. The Huber's also commented on their website:”But sometimes [the temperature went] up to -5°c – T-shirt weather!”The Hubers then followed this up with an easier new route on Holtanna's North Buttress that went entirely free; Skywalk had difficulties up to around E2. This marked the first free ascent of Holtanna.To top off their trip, the team managed another first ascent. Writing on the Huberbaum website, they commented:”In early December is the time the weather became bad. We had to be patient. Waiting … waiting for good weather. We had yet another big target in sight …. And by the end of our Antarctica expedition, we had luck with the weather once again.””We climbed an insane route on the north west pillar of Ulvetanna, taking two days. The first ascent of Sound of Silence (E4/A2) was the icing on the cake of the best so far in our mountaineering expedition career.””…So we have tried everything, have everything done – are simply mega happy!”Sources: Huberbaum websiteDiesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen