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[VIDEO] Pirmin Bertle in “Parmi les clochards” (8B)

In diesem Video zieht es Pirmin Bertle nicht etwa an den Fels, sondern an eine Brücke im Herzen von Fribourg. Buildering würde man normalerweise sagen, doch hier wird in diesem Zusammenhang der Begriff "Green Bouldering" verwendet. Nun gut. "Been there, done that" mögen so manche nun sagen, aber hier reden wir dann mal über ein 8B Boulder und das haben im Zweifel doch noch nicht alle Besucher von abhaken können... So oder so - nettes Video mit passendem Soundtrack.

Vimeo Text:

Tripping through Europe, sleeping in ruins, caves and unfinished houses I often felt a bit like an outdoor down-and-out. Now finally, I dedicated a boulder to our non-climbing brothers in spirit: Parmi les clochards (“Among down-and-outs”) is situated exactly where I want to live if climbing doesn't turn out as a solution to make my living. Under a waterproof bridge, near a river deep enough for bathing, in a picturesque old town setting and – well – just next to some more boulders: In the historical center of Fribourg.

The 16 moves on tuff rock on that bridge built in 1746 demands primarily pocket climbing, a high precision and a solid finger skin. It is the hardest boulder in the canton of Fribourg and actually – I found out – it is my hardest non traversing one as well 🙂

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