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Boulder World Cup 2015 in Vail: Megan Mascarenas and Jan Hojer win

This Saturday June 6th was the IFSC World Cup for bouldering in Vail, USA. Vail, home to the third largest ski mountain in North America, has become a mecca for mountain sports enthusiasts.

Boulderweltcup 2015 in Vail: Siegerpodest Herren mit Nathaniel Coleman, Jan Hojer und Adam Ondra (c) ISFC/Eddie Fowke - the circuit climbing

As last year’s World Cup, the competition was held in conjunction with the GoPro Mountain Games, showcased the best of what sports has to offer.

United States and Germany received gold medals this year, with Megan Mascarenas and Jan Hojer.

What happened?

This year, Vail got out of the competition two special climbers, Anna Stöhr with a finger injury and Alex Puccio who will be unfortunately out of the next IFSC World Cups.

Fotostrecke: Boulderweltcup 2015 in Vail

Who made it to the podium?

The 2015 Vail competition attracted a large crowd of American climbers that don’t regularly compete in IFSC World Cups. The final was breath-taking, climbers didn’t stop to amaze us.

In the women’s field, 16 years old climber Margo Hayes was impressive and had a great performance in the competition, even if she ranked 6). Noguchi couldn’t keep her number one position as last year but still did great and got the second place. Mascarenas took over and got 3/4 problems and flashes 2 first boulders getting the gold! The British girl climber, Shauna Coxsey took bronze.

In the men’s side, Vail gold medalist for 2013 and 2014 Russia’s Dmitrii Sharafutdinovour didn’t make it to the podium this time and placed fourth in the competition. The podium was topped by Jan Hojer from Germany totally dominating, Coleman from America got silver home and Adam Ondra from Czech Republic, needed more attempts but made 3/4 problems and got bronze.

For more information about this event’s ranking and results please visit the event page.

Video: Recorded Live Stream of the finals

Ergebnis Damen

Boulderweltcup 2015 in Vail: Ergebnis Damen

Ergebnis Herren

Boulderweltcup 2015 in Vail: Ergebnis Herren

Next IFSC World Cup competition

The next IFSC World Cup competition will be in Chongqing, China, on June 26th and 27th. We are going to have, in this opportunity, two competitions, bouldering and speed.

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