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[VIDEO] Hazel Findlay’s Secret To Freeing El Cap – ‘Just Try’ (Cedar Wright Climbing Reels, Ep. 7)

Hazel Findlay is not just one of the best and boldest female trad climbers around, she's one of the best regardless of gender. But, what makes Hazel truly special is her down-to-earth personality, which shines through in this video.

Hazel Findlay's Secret To Freeing El Cap - 'Just Try' (Cedar Wright Climbing Reels, Ep. 7) (c) EpicTV

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Join Cedar Wright as he follows Hazel up two of her hardest sends in Yosemite Valley; ‘The Book of Hate’ (5.13+) and the second ascent of ‘The Pre-Muir’ (5.13+) on El Capitan.

Beyond the climbing, Cedar also gives us a look into what makes Hazel tick: what it’s like to be a female in a predominately male sport, what it’s like to make your living from climbing, what motivates Hazel as a climber, and what it’s like to have your pick of the boys.

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