[VIDEO] Kate Rutherford und Brittany Griffith in “Venturi Effect” (IV 5.12)

Die US-Frauenseilschaft Kate Rutherford und Brittany Griffith versucht sich in diesem Video an der Mehrseillängenroute "Venturi Effect" (IV 5.12) am Incredible Hulk in der kalifornischen High Sierra. Tolle Bilder von anstrengender Kletterei mit faszinierendem Tiefblick.

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Black Diamond athletes Kate Rutherford and Brittany Griffith hiked in to the High Sierras' famed Incredible Hulk to have a go at the 1200-foot granite wall's prime line, Venturi Effect. Stacked with numerous techy pitches of 5.11 and 5.12 stemming and jamming, the pair gave it all they had.

Though they came up short of a redpoint, Andrew Burr did come back with some great footage from the adventure that we have since edited into the video below.

To read Kate's report and see some sweet photos by Burr, go here:

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