[VIDEO] Klettern in den Smith Rocks – Teil 1

Greg Garretson ruft mit diesem Video das schon fast vergessene Freiklettermekka der späten 80er und frühen 90er Jahre in Erinnerung und zeigt schöne Sequenzen aus Klettereien, wie "Aggro Monkey", "Rude Boys" oder "Chemical Ali".

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The Oreganic Series–a historical and fresh film series of the best climbing spots in Oregon.

It's the beginning of the climbing season for some. Others are stuck in the gym dreaming of the real thing. For the fortunate ones who can ditch their jobs and classes, there's year-round fun chasing the best temps at the best

Home to world-class crack climbing and over 60 bouldering satellites, Oregon hides under the radar of many travelers. The quest for new areas has left many classic crags like Smith Rock forgotten by the climbing masses. Yet there's year-round climbing–time-honored test pieces and stellar untapped projects.

The new Oreganic video series explores the excitement that is Oregon climbing. From finger pimpin' to playground stunts, the series focuses on a variety of climbing and lifestyle. The man behind the camera, Greg Garretson, follows living legends to unsung powerhouses through the Oregon experience.

Whether you're facebooking at work or living the "freebird" lifestyle, the Oreganic Video series will put a smile on your face. Enjoy.

Rock climbing, Monkey Face Highline, and the Monkey Swing at Smith Rock State Park, Oregon.

Monkey Swing: Adam Ermatinger

Aggro Monkey: Jonathan Siegrist
Chemical Ali: Ryan Palo
Rude Boys: Luke Neufeld-Cumming

Slackline: Joel Springer


Music: Marv Ellis, Dreamcatcher Juice

Film/Edit: Greg Garretson

QuelleGreg Garretson (Vimeo User)