[VIDEO] Too Many Projects: Bouldern in der Schweiz

Marc Stellbogen zeigt in seinem sehr langen Video über das Bouldern in der Schweiz ein Problem auf, das fast alle viele Kletterer gemeinsam haben: Too Many Projects.

Vimeo Text

2011- Paul Robinson, Alexander Förschler and Marc Stellbogen bouldering in Switzerland, Ticino, Val Verzasca.

During 3 weeks we established new boulders, opened many new projects and climbed some of the classics.

Boulders in this video:

  • unnamed, fb6c
  • unnamed, fb7a
  • unnamed, fb6b
  • SoftTouch, fb6b first ascent
  • Sonnenanbeter, fb7c
  • The blue Lagoon, fb8a first ascent
  • Homemade Slingshot, fb7b+ first ascent
  • The Cruiso, fb7a first ascent
  • Ballermann, fb7c first ascent
  • Sideeffect, fb8a
  • The real Pamplemouse, fb8a
  • Salamander, fb8a
  • Schrottpresse, fb7a+ first ascent

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