A Mountain Out Of A Molehill?

Sep 22: A Mountain Out Of A Molehill? by Jack Geldard – Editor – UKC From The Independent Website: Walkers in Snowdonia have converted a hill into a mountain after taking their own measurements of one of their favourite peaks. Mynydd Graig Goch was previously recorded as peaking at 1,998ft(609m), just two feet shorter than the required height to tip a hillinto the category of mountain. But now three ramblers have measured themuddy peak at six inches over 2,000ft, challenging previous OrdnanceSurvey measurements and precipitating a formal reclassification.”It´s fantastic. Nothing like this had happened before,” said MrPhillips, from Welshpool, Powys. “We´re very pleased our survey hasproved that Mynydd Graig Goch is a mountain and not a hill. OrdnanceSurvey has agreed to update its maps on the internet straight away, butit might take a bit longer to correct the paper maps.” Mynydd Graig Goch is home to the crag Craig Cwm Dulyn, a little climbed outcrop to the south west of Cwm Silyn.It is still unknown if the recorded climbs on this crag are in fact two and a half feet longer than the current guidebook descriptions and whether the newly found extra height will have any significant bearing on the grades of these routes. Craig Cwm Dulyn is still in need of a UKC crag moderator to help with these important checks.You can view the crag profile in the UKC Logbooks area.