Alpkit – Live Chat At Today

by Mick Ryan Alpkit Nick Smith From midday until around 4pm today the Alpkit team will be available on the forums to discuss the innovation and the design of outdoor gear. Alpkit are currently running an Innovation award were anyone can submit an idea for an outdoor product. This is your chance to submit an idea and have a chance of seeing it go into production. The name of the award is coLAB08 and it has been designed to stimulate interest in the design of outdoor equipment.  All the details are at the Alpkit website You have to submit your ideas by December 1st. The entries will be judged and will then go through to the next round with the winning entries being judged at the Ordnance Survey Outdoors Show in March. This afternoon´s discussion will give you a chance to question Alpkit about this competition and maybe also look at the reasons why innovation is stifled in the outdoor industry.