Birkett – New Lakes Hard Route

At least somebody is making the most of this spell of good weather we are having. Dave Birkett has added another mega hard route to the Lakes, ´Welcome To The Cruel World´ has 7a / F8b climbing up the steep seam to the right of ´Borderline´ on the East Buttress of Scafell and had previously been heralded as “one of the last great lines of the Lakes” – haven´t they all? Dave says it is very finger intensive and he was really worried about straining his fingers. The gear is excellent though. He said “I first looked at the line about 6 years ago and thought it was too hard. Then I looked at it again last year and thought it was too hard! Foot and mouth and the weather stopped me from getting onto it last year. I have never climbed on Scafell before May but this year in April I spent 2 mornings having a look at it on a shunt. I went back to toprope it, thought Imight as well lead it and did it first go.” He also added that “you have to be extremely good looking to succeed on this route.” 😉