Bouldering Blitz

Fred Nicole has added Esperanza 8b+ bloc to the Martini Roof at Hueco.Dave Graham has been back to Fontainbleau. Here are some of the highlights: Sideways daze 8b?- new problem at the Cuvier-Rempart that had been a longstanding project. Mad Maxx 8b and Surplomb de la Mee 8a+? on the same day. Partage 8a+, Duel 8a, Hibernatus 8a, Neverland 8a,A LOAD of 7c+´s and 7c´s. He also flashed the 8a below Karma, Miserycorde and a 7c+ to the right Petite Folie.Dave is now off to Cresciano, Switzerland, home of Fred Nicole´s Dreamtime, possibly the World´s first 8c!