Bouldering update

No extraordinary news today really, but I thought I'd compile something for y'all.Paul Robinson has settled in nicely at Fontainebleau by now but for some unknown reason the weather doesn't want to cooperate all that much…Paul has refused to make bad conditions stop him however and the ticks he has gathered already is impressive by anyone's standard. After his brief visit to the British islets, he has made fast work of l'apparemment bas, ~8B, and Hip hop assis, 8B/+. Next on the list should be Sebastien Frigault's Trip-hop, one of the very few 8C in the forest and only repeated by underground German legend Thomas Willenberg, who's also the only one to have repeated Dune, 8B+, another even older one of Frigault's creations.To keep you until something fantastic occurs, here are a few videos:More to come from James soon. Check out his blog!Jimmy Webb and friends bouldering at Horseshoe canyon ranch, Ozark mountains, ArkansasPaul Robinson bouldering in Switzerland. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen